The Turkish state continues its genocidal attacks against North-East Syria where it has invaded territories in violation of international law.

The Amûdê District Council released a statement denouncing the ongoing Turkish attacks against North-East Syria and condemning the international silence.

The Council stated that an UAV attack carried out by the Turkish state in Amûdê last night targeted a car, killing Ciwan Mihemed and injuring Munîr Ebid Faris and Ronak Silêman Mihemed.

The Council stated that the people of North-East Syria stood united against the enemy, calling on the international public opinion to stand in solidarity with the people of North-East Syria.

In the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria, people are repeatedly dying as a result of drone attacks carried out by Turkey in violation of international law. The attacks are targeted against representatives of the autonomous administration structures, members of combat units and the civilian population and are carried out by drones travelling unchallenged in Syrian airspace controlled by the USA and Russia. The international community is ignoring Turkey’s anti-Kurdish drone war, which began in June 2020 with the murder of three representatives of the women’s umbrella organization, Kongra Star, in Kobanê. Since then, well over 200 further drone strikes have been carried out by the invading Turkish state. One of these targeted attacks killed SDF commander Ferhad Dêrik at the end of October. The Turkish state also used killer drones during an air offensive between 4 and 10 October, which led to the destruction of eighty per cent of the infrastructure in northern and eastern Syria. Almost fifty people were killed in the attacks and dozens more suffered injuries, some of them seriously. Turkish drone terror also continues to claim lives in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).


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