Martyr Dilgeş Şerzan joined the guerrilla ranks in 2011 to fight against the attacks by the Turkish state in Kurdistan. He left behind a great legacy of resistance.

The connection between morality and defending the right to life of a people whose language is banned, whose existence is denied, and whose country is torn apart is quite obvious. Therefore, morality is the most fundamental energy and source of the PKK guerrilla’s difficult journey. This path is in flow with the love of the true man’s mind, soul and heart. One of those who followed the path of the difficult Kurdistan revolution was Dilgeş Şerzan (Mahmut Özdemir.)

Nusaybin (Nisêbîn), the city of uprising and resistance that raised hundreds of heroes, is the city where comrade Dilgeş was born. Guerrilla Dilgeş was born into a patriotic family in this city of resistance. He was therefore aware of his Kurdishness since he was young. Dilgeş witnessed the enemy’s oppression and massacre policies against the Kurdish people in his region.  He developed great anger against the colonialist Turkish state, and like the thousands of brave Kurdish children he actively participates in the uprisings in Nusaybin. In 2011, after the enemy’s systematic attack on Kurdish young people in Turkish metropolises, Dilgeş became aware of the need to fight the enemy more actively, so he headed to the mountains of Kurdistan and joined the guerrilla ranks.

HPG guerrilla Dilgeş participated in practical activities in the Cilo area. He was based fighting in Bakur Kurdistan, because he is convinced that revenge for the massacres inflicted on the Kurdish people by the enemy will only be possible through blows to the enemy in Bakur Kurdistan.

Guerrilla Dilgeş had a friendly and understanding personality and was loved and respected by his comrades. Guerrilla Dilgeş was always thinking very meticulously and in detail and was very skilful especially in the sabotage actions.

Guerrilla Dilgeş was operating in the Garzan area for a long time. In 2021 he and his comrades dealt heavy blows to the enemy.

Guerrillas Dilgeş Şerzan and Erdal Şoreş, brave sons of the Kurdish people, fell as martyrs after the Turkish soldiers, unable to achieve success despite all their attacks from the land, heavily bombed the area on 20 September 2021.

Martyr Dilgeş and Martyr Erdal left behind a great legacy.


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