Lawyers from Koye said that the Turkish state’s attacks on Shengal and South Kurdistan were against international law.

Turkish attacks against Shengal and South Kurdistan in cooperation with the KDP continue violating the sovereignty of Iraqi lands. Lawyers from Koye spoke to RojNews about the increasingly ongoing attacks.

Lawyer Riyaz Heme Emin drew attention to the silence of the Iraqi government and said: “Iraq cannot protect its borders and sovereignty while the Turkish state attacks the civilian population by violating the Iraqi borders.”

Emin stated that the Turkish state freely entered and bombed Iraqi lands and the Kurdistan Region for years. He added: “There are no international laws and agreements that allow these attacks by the Turkish state, which, however, is imposing its dominance on Iraq.”

Lawyer Huner Heme Emin emphasized that attacks on Shengal (Sinjar) were against all laws and human rights and noted that Iraq could appeal to international courts against the violations of the Turkish state.

In a reference to the rights of nations in the Iraqi constitution, Huner said: “According to the Iraqi constitution, all nations have the right to protection. No one has the right to attack them.”

Lawyer Sirud Shaxistani pointed to Iraq’s silence and said: “The Iraqi state should have taken a serious stance against the attacks as the sovereignty of the Kurdistan Region depends on Iraq. The government of the Kurdistan Region should not remain silent in the face of these attacks and should always stand against the aggression and occupation of neighbouring countries.”

Stressing that the Iraqi government could not protect Shengal, Shaxistani concluded: “Iraq and the Kurdistan Region have to protect Shengal, but both sides remain indifferent to the suffering of the people there.”


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