Kurds and their friends will rally in Berlin on 18 November against the ban on the PKK’s activities in Germany, which was issued on 26 November 1993 at the request of Turkey.

On 18 November, a long-term planned demonstration against the ban on the PKK’s activities in Germany, which was issued thirty years ago, will take place in Berlin. The “Lift the PKK ban – strengthen democracy!” campaign is mobilising nationwide for the demonstration under the slogan “Lift the PKK ban”. As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has announced that he will be visiting Berlin at the end of next week, the call for the demonstration has been updated to include a protest against the Turkish nationalist and Islamist influence of the Erdoğan regime. Buses will be travelling to the demonstration in Berlin from all over Germany.

The Confederation of Kurdistan Communities in Germany (KON-MED) released a statement calling for strong participation in the demonstration.

Defining the PKK as a resistance and freedom movement of the Kurdish people against state terror and colonialism, KON-MED condemned the PKK ban in Germany which was issued on 26 November 1993 at the request of Turkey and due to the close political and economic relations between the two countries. As a result, numerous Kurds were sentenced to imprisonment and fines.

“The German state must not submit to blackmail by Erdoğan. The demonstration against the PKK ban in Berlin will therefore also be a signal that Erdoğan is not welcome. Let us gather in Berlin on 18 November to respond to Erdoğan against the policies of war he has been pursuing for years. On this basis, we invite the patriotic Kurdish people, as well as all democratic, socialist circles and all those who defend peace against war to Berlin in order for this unlawfulness to come to an end. All our federations, councils and constituents should mobilise all their means,” said KON-MED.

KON-MED announced the departure times of buses to Berlin as follows:

Frankfurt: 23.45, Hauptbahnhof Süd

Hanau: 00.00, Komel

Darmstadt: 00.00, Bahnhof

Bensheim: 00.00, Bahnhof

Gießen: 01.00, Bushaltestelle 18

Limburg: 02.00, Bahnhof

Saarbrücken: 23.00, Beckinge, 23.15, Saarlouis, 00.00, Cinestar

Mannheim: 00.00, Komel

Duisburg: 23.00, Hauptbahnhof

Düsseldorf: 23.00, Busbahnhof

Mönchengladbach: 23.00, Hindenburgstraße 224

Wuppertal: 00.30, Elberfelder Straße 38

Dortmund: 00.30, Bornstraße 166

Hagen: 00.00, Hauptbahnhof

Euskirchen: 23.00, Bahnhof

Bonn: 00.00, Komel

Essen: 00.00, Am Freistein 50 Komel

Bielefeld: 06.30, Hauptbahnhof

Herford: 07.00, Hauptbahnhof

Münster: 01.00, Busbahnhof

Osnabrück: 02.00, Hauptbahnhof

Meschede: 23.45, Lagerstraße 1a Komela Kurden

Aachen: 22.00, Blücherplatz

Düren: 23.00, Bahnhof

Köln: 00.00, Bahnhof Mülheim

Hannover: 07.00, ZOB

Aurich: 00.00, Busbahnhof

Oldenburg: 01.00, Herrenweg 173

Hamburg: 07.00, Hauptbahnhof

Bremen: 01.00, Cinemax

Bremerhaven: 00.00, Bahnhof

Delmenhorst: 00.00, Bahnhof

Kassel: 06.00, Jägerstraße

Kiel: 06.30, Postbank Gaarchen

Lübeck: 07.00, Hauptbahnhof

Erfurt: 07.00, Hauptbahnhof

Dresden: 08.00, Neustadt Bahnhof

Heilbronn: 00.00, Landturmstraße

Tübingen: 23.30, Bahnhof

Reutlingen: 00.00

Nürtingen: 00.30

Esslingen: 23.00, Bahnhof

Bad Cannstatt: 23.30, Bahnhof

Ludwigsburg: 00.00, Bahnhof

Freiburg: 21.00, Hauptbahnhof

Nürnberg: 01.00, Medya Mala

München: 00.30, Schwanthalerstraße 80


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