Just as Öcalan did not accept slavery, those who follow him will not accept slavery either. They are ready to sacrifice anything.

The Kurdish people resist the most modern war technology day and night, from F-16 fighter jets to killer drones to tanks and artillery. They take to the streets without pause. They were burned in the Amûdê cinema and deprived of their identity, but still have not forgotten their language and culture. Despite the Baathist policy of the “Arab belt”, the people of Rojava have not lost their social structure. The people have always renewed themselves and continued to grow with their deep roots. These people continue to stand firm today.

Those who follow Öcalan will not submit under any circumstances

Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, totally isolated on the prison island of Imrali today, said: “I am as lonely as my people.” This loneliness has become our life teacher. The reasons for our loneliness are revealed within the four walls of his cell in Imralı. The reason for his isolation is the same as for the isolation of the entire Kurdish people. But just as Leader Öcalan did not accept slavery, those who follow him will not accept slavery either. They are ready to sacrifice anything. The people who follow this path are facing one of the biggest NATO armies in Rojava today. Maybe they will have nothing to eat, maybe nothing to drink, but they will not submit under any circumstances. That is their honourable and dignified stance.

The immorality of the war can no longer be covered up

Hasn’t Turkish President Erdoğan changed the entire Turkish agenda? We have seen the Turkish occupation army attacking grain silos and civilian targets. The AKP/MHP regime loudly accuses Israel of attacking mosques. When the Turkish army attacked Rojava with F-16 fighter jets, not only were pages of the Koran stained with blood, but cemeteries in Rojava were also bombed. One cannot justify the attacks on Rojava and agitate against Israel’s attacks at the same time; the regime will not be able to hide the immoral nature of this war.

Collaborators stand by and support the Turkish state

Unfortunately, there are also collaborators who stand by and support the Turkish state. The Turkish rulers know this traitorous line and have used it at all times. Although Rojava has never been attacked so violently before, the traitors have entered into a race to condemn the acts of the brave fighters who sacrificed their lives for freedom most harshly. They have not said a single word about the attacks of Turkish colonial fascism and their media has ignored them. Whenever the Kurds are in danger of drowning in blood, these opportunists see the chance to make a profit.

No one can break this free will

No matter what they do, this cause has already won. The Kurds are forcing the blind world to see the truth and hear their demand for a life in dignity. They do not depend on anyone. The enemy and its collaborators are now falling into the pit they dug with their own hands. They are stumbling before the will of the Kurdish people, which is echoing throughout the world. No one can break this free will. With this stand, Rojava will be victorious.


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