Kurdistan Alliance: National Unity is everyone’s responsibility

Kurdistan Alliance: National Unity is everyone’s responsibility

Συμμαχία για το Κουρδιστάν: Η εθνική ενότητα αποτελεί καθήκον για όλους

Kurdistan Alliance: National Unity is everyone's responsibility

The Kurdistan Alliance Work drew attention to the attacks in South Kurdistan and said: "Today is the day to establish national unity, protect and develop gains."

Political parties and organizations taking part in the Kurdistan Alliance Work issued a written statement regarding the attacks in South Kurdistan.

The statement, which drew attention to the importance of dialogue, said: "The Kurdish people have been subjected to exile, massacres and genocide in their own lands for more than a hundred years and have not given up their struggle to achieve their national rights despite the costs they have paid. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) continues to struggle to gain independence and the Autonomous Rojava to obtain official status in return for the price it has paid. While the struggle for Kurdish national freedom and independence continues, we observe with concern the tension resulting from the efforts of the countries in the region that want to benefit from the conflicts among Kurds.”

The statement added: “In the struggle for freedom and independence, the Kurdish people must make use of the critical conditions and the opportunities provided by these conditions, but the transformation of the tension into conflict between Kurds will cause both the Kurdish people and Kurdish politics to lose.

First of all, we urge the Kurdish parties to be sensitive to provocative interventions and not to allow a possible internal conflict between Kurds as a requirement of their historical responsibilities to avoid provocations and meet on the ground of national interests, because a conflict among Kurds has not won yesterday and will not win today.”

The statement continued: “The damage caused by the conflict among the Kurdish parties in the past is still fresh in the memory of the Kurdish people, Kurdish parties do not have the right to risk or cause loss with a new inter-Kurds conflict. It is a necessity for the Kurdish parties to protect and develop the gains achieved wherever they are, including the Kurdistan Regional Government, which is a historical achievement for the Kurds and has international legitimacy.

Today is the day to establish national unity, protect and develop gains. For the Kurds, dialogue is indispensable for the solution of internal problems, so we call on the parties to resolve their problems through dialogue."