Kurdish artist Gülbahar Kavcu on her latest album: I had to bare my soul

Kurdish artist Gülbahar Kavcu on her latest album: I had to bare my soul

  • Date: March 15, 2021
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Κούρδισα καλλιτέχνης Gülbahar Kavcu για το νέο της άλμπουμ: Μοιράστηκα την ψυχή μου

Kurdish artist Gülbahar Kavcu on her latest album: I had to bare my soul

The second album of artist Gülbahar Kavcu, “Rû” (Çehre) is on all digital platforms as of 4 March. The Kurdish artist shared the details of her musical journey with Yeni Özgür Politika.

Kavcu’s family’s roots of origin go back to Turkey’s southeastern province of Mardin (Mêrdin), but she was born and raised in Istanbul.

She began her music studies in Istanbul MKM (Mesopotamia Cultural Centre) in 1996.

Her musical journey goes back to her childhood.“When I was a child, I used to play the piano and sing songs in my dreams. I was giving concerts to my brothers and cousins on the stairs of our house. At that time, I wasn’t even going to school yet,” she said.

“It has been a long time since my first album “Sebeb” was first released. I was always a bit anxious about whether to do something new or not. I am not the kind of person that does something just to be famous. I just start doing it when I am ready,” she explained her concerns on her artistic creation.

The pandemic period was hard for her as well, but she turned the isolation process into a process of artistic creation.

“I can describe it as a period in which I mostly turned in on myself, spoke very little, and tried to understand what life brings and what it takes. Sometimes I played music, sometimes I wrote, sometimes I worked hard, sometimes I did nothing. Then that feeling came back. I had to bare my soul and the songs of this album came out,” she said.

“Eyşê”, the first song of the album, is a song from the Duhok region and tells the story of a bride. “Biharperest’ lyrics were written by herself and Harûn Elkî composed the music for it.“Dev jê berde”, on the other hand, is the last song of the album, both lyrics and music belong to her.

“There is no definition of the type of music that I am producing, definitions are not enough. It’s risky to define the genre of such a dynamic thing,” she said.

The new music video of the artist can be reached via this link.

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