Green Left Party MP Yılmaz Hun said that the aggravated isolation implemented against ill prisoners is a crime against humanity.

Green Left Party Îdir (Iğdır) MP Yılmaz Hun spoke to ANF about the severe isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the violations of rights in prisons.

Hun said that crimes against humanity are committed in Turkish prisons, and added: “There are many regulations regarding ill prisoners, especially international treaties and laws. Unfortunately, this government, aside from unjust and unlawful arrests, has carried out an extermination policy against ill prisoners. Our friends are neither properly treated nor released despite suffering from a terminal illness. Our party will have a plan for prisons in the new term. Apart from this, we will be working on proposals for laws, press releases and parliamentary questions.”

Preparing for political genocide

Hun said that new prisons are built every day and this is an indication that the ground is being prepared for genocide operations. “We receive complaints about the S-Type, closed-cell prison, especially in Iğdır. In these single-person cells, there are practices that amount to torture of prisoners. We are following the issue.”

The government is trying to scare people

Hun underlined the fear-destruction-intimidation policies carried out against the Kurdish people and said: “The government is trying to intimidate and prevent the Kurdish people’s demands for freedom, justice and equality, with daily political operations in order to silence the democratic forces and prevent them from being heard in public. We are holding meetings with all our institutions on how to proceed in the new term. The suggestions and determinations of the people will be evaluated, common attitudes and methods will be determined, and we will define a working perspective accordingly.”


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