According to the HPG, four Turkish soldiers in South Kurdistan were killed by guerrillas. Fires have broken out in many areas due to air strikes by the Turkish army.

The press center of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) said in a statement about the war in Kurdistan that massive attacks were carried out by the Turkish army on the Medya Defense Areas. The statement added that those attacks were met by the resistance of the guerrillas in the Metîna and Zap regions.

According to the statement, the Turkish military and the KDP are putting pressure on the civilian population to leave the combat zone. Fires have broken out in many areas due to Turkish air strikes. According to the statement, four soldiers of the Turkish invasion forces were killed in resistance actions by the guerrillas. The HPG gave the following details:

Resistance in Metîna

Four soldiers were killed in actions carried out by guerrillas in the Serê Metîna and Dergelê areas on Thursday and Friday. In Golka, the guerrillas intervened with an act of sabotage against the expansion of the occupation troops’ positions in Golka and attacked helicopters flying over the area with semi-automatic weapons. On Friday, a container and a Turkish army position were destroyed by fire from heavy weapons in four separate attacks.

Actions by guerrillas in Zap

YJA Star fighters attacked the Turkish troops in the Kurojahro and Girê Cûdî areas with heavy weapons on Saturday. On Friday, a total of six attacks with semi-automatic and heavy weapons were carried out on Turkish positions in Girê Amêdî.

Attacks by the Turkish army

The Turkish army used chemical gas and banned explosives six times in a guerrilla tunnel in Serê Metîna on 16 June. Şêlazê and a tunnel facility in the Girê FM area were attacked with explosive drones on Thursday.

Fire after air strikes

Between 27 and 29 June, 17 air strikes were carried out by fighter jets on the areas of Goşînê, Şehîd Şerîf and Kendekola in Xakurke, Gûzê and Girê Zengil in Gare, Girê Şehîd Cihan in Qendil, Şêlazê and Serê Metîna in Metîna and Girê Bahar in Zap. The fires caused by these attacks in Xakurke, Qendîl, Gare, Zap and Metîna were still ongoing.

Village in Metîna bombed

On 27 June, the village of Dergelê in Metîna was attacked with heavy weapons and bombed four times by fighter jets. The bombing caused fires to break out in several places on the villagers’ agricultural land. The people in the region are being asked by the Turkish army and the KDP to leave the area.


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