YJA Star and HPG guerrillas defended their tunnels in the Zap region against the attacks by the Turkish army. Five soldiers were killed. The guerrilla areas in southern Kurdistan have been bombed fifty times by fighter jets since Sunday.

The Press Center of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement informing about the war in the Medya Defense Zones. According to information, five soldiers have been killed in the western Zap region in recent days during guerrilla resistance against the Turkish occupation.

On 1 April, the guerrillas used sabotage tactics to defend a tunnel in the Girê FM area against an attack by the Turkish army. One soldier was killed and another was injured.

On 2 April, a soldier was shot dead by a sniper from the Free Women’s Association (YJA Star) on Girê Amêdî.

On 4 April, guerrillas carried out an action against a Turkish squad that wanted to plant explosives in a tunnel on the Girê Cûdî. Three soldiers were killed, and two soldiers were injured. The fighters confiscated an MPT-55 weapon, including a rifle scope, as well as two pairs of glasses and a headlamp.

Attacks by the Turkish army

Regarding the attacks by the Turkish army between 31 March and 4 April, the HPG reported that improvised explosive devices and drones loaded with explosives were used several times against guerrilla tunnel systems in the western Zap region.

On Monday, a tunnel at Girê FM was attacked with a chemical weapon. The gas used was white and smelled of chlorine.

In addition, the Medya Defense Areas have been bombed by fighter jets fifty times since Sunday.

The targets were the areas of Girê Kun, Xêrê, Dêreşê, Rêbînê, Mijê, Çemrobotkî, Deriyê Hirçê and Neqeba Xêrê in Gare, Serê Metîna, Dergelê, Bêşîlî and Golka in Metîna, Sinînê, Goşîne and Lolanê in Xakurke, Şehîd Îbrahîm in Zap, Girê Amêdî, Girê Bahar and Girê Cûdî in the western Zap and Zergelê and Balayan in Qandîl.


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