HDP deputy Dağ: We won’t take any step back

HDP deputy Dağ: We won’t take any step back

  • Date: February 4, 2021
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Βουλευτίνα του HDP: Δεν θα υποκύψουμε στις πιέσεις του Ερντογάν

HDP deputy Dağ: We won't take any step back

At the center of the repression in Turkey are women and young people. The AKP regime relies on drugs, agents, assimilation and, above all, on a very dirty policy towards young women, says HDP deputy Dersim Dağ.

Dersim Dağ is the youngest deputy of the People's Democratic Party (HDP) and is responsible for the party's youth council. The MP for Amed spoke to ANF about the state repression against the HDP and the new campaign planned for February.

The Youth Council in particular has been the focus of systematic repression since it was founded, underlined Dersim Dağ. “Nevertheless, it would not be right to reduce the prevailing repression to the Youth Council alone. We are following a tradition that has always fought against oppression. This tradition has led to success. As heirs of this tradition, we live with the same fighting spirit and we focus on victory. The government is attacking us with all its instruments. Time and again, members of the youth council are kidnapped, arrested or pressured into acting as agents by the police or MIT. There is no one on the youth council who has not yet been arrested. In addition, young people who have contact with the youth council or come to our party headquarters are also arrested. And many are asked to act as an informant."

Fear of an organized youth movement

According to the HDP MPs, the repressive government policy shows how much the state fears an organized youth movement and the determination, conviction and dynamism that goes with it. “The government is trying to smash the organized structures of the youth to make them incapable of acting. To do this, it relies on drugs, agents, prostitution, assimilation and, above all, on a very dirty policy towards young women. We can all see how much these measures have spread. As HDP Youth Council we fight against this dirty war policy with grassroots work in the city districts and on the streets and go from house to house. That is why we are the focus of repression. However, no repression can prevent us from fighting. We do not step back. We will continue our years of struggle and be the ones who will win in the end."

Youngsters and women on the hit list

Dersim Dağ added that the HDP is “colourful and has many voices. It draws its dynamism from youth and women. Thanks to youth and women’s work, a permanent connection with the population has been established and the HDP is getting bigger and bigger. Which is why young people and women are targeted. The recent operations against the Youth Council and the women's movement TJA are part of a dirty overall plan."

In order to influence public perception and criminalize the Youth Council, the state uses the judiciary and the media that have been subjected, said Dersim Dağ, adding: “The HDP is a party in which all young people can express themselves, which is why young people in particular see their future in it. That is why there is massive repression against the Youth Council and disinformation campaigns are carried out. However, these efforts are in vain. "

Produce solutions and keep fighting

Dersim Dağ underlined that the HDP will continue to be the voice of all opposition and marginalized people. Finally, the HDP deputy pointed out her party’s future activities: “We have drawn up a comprehensive plan of action. On 8 February we will publish a new activities program. Our new campaign has four main themes: isolation, hunger strike, Kobanê trial and the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights on Demirtaş. As HDP we will continue to bring the demands of the population to the fore at all levels, produce solutions and keep fighting."


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