Guerrillas in Metîna talk about the great resistance in the Medya Defence Zones and say that the Turkish army is stuck in many occupied places in Southern Kurdistan and cannot make any progress.


The guerrilla forces of YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) and HPG (People’s Defence Forces) have been resisting the Turkish army’s occupation attacks in the regions of Metîna, Zap and Avaşîn in Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) since 2021. ANF spoke to three guerrillas who are taking part in this resistance in Metîna.

HPG guerrilla Amed Azadî said that a relentless war is taking place in the Medya Defence Zones: “The war in Zap, Metîna and Heftanîn is a very big and comprehensive war. The Turkish state is attacking with all means. We are responding to these attacks with the limited means at our disposal. We are fighting with weapons in our hands. I have been in Metîna since the beginning of the Turkish invasion. The resistance in Zendûra alone was legendary and unique in the history of Kurdistan. Six comrades resisted chemical weapons and any form of technology for 51 days. This resistance showed us how to fight.


The war has spread to many areas, but the enemy is stuck in the places they occupy and cannot advance a step. There is footage of the army burning the bodies of its own soldiers. This state and its army are so far from morality that they burn the bodies of their soldiers. They do this to hide their losses from the public. However, the guerrillas are exposing what is happening to the Turkish army.

In this war, many of our comrades fell in courageous battle. They did not retreat one step and fought until the end. They did not complain for a day and fought the battle with the limited means they had and their own will. It is the fighting spirit of brave and sacrificial companions like Bager, Cesûr, Rojhat and Azad that will lead us to victory. We will drive the enemy out of Kurdistan, not even his shadow will remain behind. That is what we have sworn to do, and we will stick to it.”

Bahar Goyî, a YJA Star guerrilla, is also in the war zone in Metîna. She said: “I have been taking part in this resistance since the beginning. We carry out actions against the enemy under difficult conditions. I have been involved in very effective actions. For us, defending our land against the enemy is the greatest success. As guerrillas, we are fighting for even greater successes.”


Another guerrilla, Denîz Dalampêr, stated that the guerrillas carry out actions against the Turkish army every day: “Our people have been on their feet for many years, resisting cruel oppression. In the mountains of Kurdistan, the guerrillas continue this resistance. The enemy wants to show the exact opposite and spreads false propaganda that the guerrillas are being destroyed. However, we see the actions of our comrades every day. Therefore, the enemy’s special war methods are coming to nothing. The enemy is in distress in many areas. The centre of the war is in the Zap at the moment, but the struggle is taking place in all four parts of Kurdistan.”




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