Gerîla TV published footage of the preparations for the revolutionary operation carried out by the guerrillas at Girê Çarçel in Metîna.

Gerîla TV published footage of preparations for the revolutionary operation named after the fallen guerrilla commander Leyla Sorxwîn at Girê Çarçel in the region of Metîna, in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).


On 26 November, the guerrillas carried out the Şehîd Leyla Sorxwîn Amed Revolutionary Operation in Metina, in which 18 soldiers were killed and large quantities of military equipment were confiscated. The guerrillas involved in the operation, which was carried out in the form of a multi-front attack, struck the occupiers from five sides simultaneously and initially infiltrated the soldiers’ camp. The action resulted in the death of twelve occupiers. Reinforcement troops moving up were also targeted by the guerrilla units and six of them were caught in a deadly ambush. The operation was dedicated to guerrillas Baran Çirav, Binevş Vejîn and Amed Avesta, who had fallen during a revolutionary operation at Girê Hekarî in Metîna on 26 November 2022.

In the video published by Gerîla TV, guerrillas talk about their preparations and say that, as in Metîna, there is also war in the Zap and Avaşîn regions and that they want to carry out an operation to support their fighting comrades. One of the guerrillas speaks of a strike against betrayal due to the collaboration of the Barzani clan with the Turkish invaders in Metîna and expresses his conviction that the operation will be successful as revenge for the fallen commander Leyla Sorxwîn. The guerrillas say that it is not their first operation and will not be their last.


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