Relations between the European Union and Turkey were discussed in the last session of the two-day Kurdish conference held in the European Parliament. Spanish MEP Miguel Urban Crespo harshly criticized the EU.

The last session of the EUTCC conference, which started on 6 December, was held under the main title “European Union and Turkey: Cooperation and Contradictions”.

Speaking at the session moderated by Naif Bezwan from the University of Vienna, Brando Benifei from the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats stated that there is a “complex” relationship between Turkey and the European Union and noted that this directly affects the Kurds.

Benifei said that he was an international observer in the Kobanê Case and added: “I directly witnessed this political oppression.”

The Italian parliamentarian briefly touched upon the impact of the Kurds’ struggle and said that many movements in Italy were inspired by the Kurdish people. Benifei expressed his support for the democratic struggle of the Kurdish people.

Member of the European Parliament from Spain, Miguel Urban Crespo, stated that he is a member of an anti-capitalist organization in Spain and stated that the situation in Turkey is bad. “This is because the European Union allows this,” Urban Crespo said.

Stating that there is extremely heavy pressure on the Kurds, Urban Crespo strongly condemned the pressures on prisoners and the attacks on the Saturday’s Mothers.

Stating that the concept of “terror” is used as an excuse by all authoritarian regimes, Crespo said: “Erdogan imposed a war logic both inside and outside Turkey.”

Stating that the war has become an extremely important lever for Erdoğan, Crespo said: “He wants to destroy all attempts at pluralism, including the Kurds.”

Stating that the refugee issue gave Erdoğan the opportunity to intervene in Europe, Crespo also pointed to the Sweden-NATO crisis and stated that Turkey carried its pressure elements into Europe and Europe did not prevent this.

Stating that the European Union has pressure mechanisms, Crespo noted that in this context, they have repeatedly suggested to the European Parliament that the PKK be removed from the list of terrorist organizations.

Pointing out that the experience of the Kurdish people is not wanted to be reflected not only in Turkey but also in Europe, Crespo underlined the need for militant solidarity.


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