Dutch parliament officially recognises the ‘Yazidi genocide’

Dutch parliament officially recognises the ‘Yazidi genocide’

Το Ολλανδικό κοινοβούλιο αναγνώρισε επίσημα την «Γενοκτονία των Γεζίντι»

Dutch parliament officially recognises the ‘Yazidi genocide’

The Dutch Parliament has recognised the attacks by the ISIS that started on 3 August 2014 against the Yazidi population and the massacres and targeting that followed as a genocide and crimes against humanity.

On 6 July 2021, the Dutch House of Representatives unanimously passed a motion which was submitted to parliament by MP Anne Kuik of Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). The motion received support from the majority of political parties and what happened from 2014 onwards has been recognised as a “genocide” by the parliament.

In the motion, it was stated that the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), the US House of Representatives, the UN Syria Commission and recently the Belgian parliament have recognised the practices of ISIS against Yazidis, Christians and different ethnic and religious groups as crimes against humanity and genocide as well.

The motion included the statement: “The Parliament declares that ISIS committed genocide against the Yazidis and committed crimes against humanity.”

Alongside this bill, the following genocide related resolutions were also approved by voting in the Dutch Parliament:

– A commitment to make the voices of the Yazidis heard in the cases of ISIS members taking place in the Netherlands and recognising the right to compensation of the victims of genocide.

– Conducting ISIS trials in the region where they committed crimes, including ISIS members who came to those regions from abroad and committed crimes in the region.

– Increasing support funds for Yazidi women and children who are victims of ISIS barbarism.

– Government support for the reconstruction of Shengal (Sinjar).

On 3 August 2014, ISIS attacked Sinjar in Iraqi Kurdistan and the Yazidi people who lived here. The region was occupied by ISIS for more than a year and thousands of Yazidis were killed while thousands of women and children were kept in prisons. Yazidis were subjected to barbarous treatment.