AANES set to open a representation office in Geneva

AANES set to open a representation office in Geneva

Η Αυτόνομη Διοίκηση ΒΑ Συρίας ανοίγει γραφείο αντιπροσωπείας στη Γενεύη

AANES set to open a representation office in Geneva

AANES will open a representation office in Geneva and has stated that Switzerland is a key country where the solution to the Syria conflict is discussed.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) issued a written statement on Monday, announcing the opening of a representation office in Geneva, ANHA reports.

AANES stressed the importance of opening diplomatic missions in countries such as Germany, France and Switzerland. As the first step in realising this strategy, AANES stated: “We will open a representation office of AANES in Switzerland, because here, many congresses have been organised with regard to the Syria conflict. The solution to the Syria conflict is discussed here.”

“During this period of time when the DAESH threat still continues, we will strengthen our diplomacy work through this representation office that we will open.”

With the new office in Geneva, AANES seeks to form and strengthen diplomatic ties with Switzerland and convey the suggestions of AANES about the Syrian conflict to the Swiss authorities. AANES stated that it will share data with international organisations regarding the war crimes that have been committed by Turkey in North East Syria via the new office.

“Our representation office will promote conciliation between AANES and the Swiss authorities. Then again, we will help North East Syrian citizens in Switzerland regarding their affairs in Switzerland.”

The Autonomous Administration opened its first representation office outside the Middle East in Moscow in February 2016. An office had previously been opened in Iraqi Kurdistan. Describing this event as “historic,” with regard to the worldwide recognition of the Autonomous Administration, Rojava Foreign Relations Representative Sinam Mohamad told ANF that the representation office in Moscow constituted a major step towards strengthening their relations abroad.

In April 2016, AANES had opened a representation office in the Swedish capital Stockholm. In May 2016, AANES had opened a representation office in Paris.

AANES has also opened an office for contact and public relations work in Germany. The office was opened on 9 May 2016 in Berlin. “We want to make it clear to the people in Germany that in Rojava, Kurds, Arabs and other communities live together as brothers and sisters,” Sipan Ibrahim, the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Berlin said during its ceremonial opening.

Based in The Hague, the first representation office for AANES in the Benelux countries was opened in the Netherlands in September 2016.