US Senator Rand Paul has led efforts to stop the sale of F-16s to Turkey amid ongoing geopolitical tensions, introducing a joint resolution in the Senate to block the proposed sale.


A joint resolution to disapprove a proposed foreign military sale to the Turkish government has been introduced in the Senate by US Senator Rand Paul. The resolution, introduced on Monday, seeks to stop the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey.

The long-delayed $23 billion sale of 40 new F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, along with a range of other defence equipment, was moved forward by the US government on 26 January. The move followed Ankara’s ratification of Sweden’s NATO membership. However, amid continuing concerns about Turkey’s military operations, particularly in Kurdish-populated areas of Iraq and Syria, the sale is subject to approval by the US Congress.

The joint resolution has been referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee for further consideration. Its introduction, particularly in light of geopolitical tensions and human rights concerns, underscores the ongoing debate over US arms sales and foreign policy decisions.

Pending consideration and possible action by the Senate and House of Representatives, the outcome of the resolution remains uncertain.