The occupying Turkish state, which has been massing troops and armoured vehicles in South Kurdistan in recent weeks, made new shipments to Amadiya on Saturday night.

RojNews, citing local sources, reported that a large military force of the occupying Turkish state crossed into Guherzê village in Amadiya district of Duhok province last night.

The same sources reported that military forces and equipment were deployed to Guherzê village on Sunday morning.

Speaking to RojNews, a villager named Şakir said, “Our situation is very bad. I strongly criticise the attitude of political parties and the government. They remain silent against the attacks of the Turkish state. Doesn’t the government realise that the Turkish state bombards our villages every day and as a result, most of our fields, gardens and houses are burnt and destroyed? Every day artillery shells and bullets fall on our villages.”

The villager stated that they have been complaining to the district police for 15 days but have not received any response so far and that if this continues, the residents will be forced to evacuate the village.

Thousands of soldiers and hundreds of armoured vehicles have recently moved to the cities of Duhok and Hewlêr (Erbil) and deployed to strategic points in these cities in cooperation of the KDP, the ruling party in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

In front of the eyes of Hewlêr and Baghdad, the occupying Turkish state has gone even further and established control centres on the main roads and started to check the identity of the citizens of Kurdistan. Many sources report that people are being forced to become spies and pressurised to evacuate their villages.

In parallel, other parts of South Kurdistan continue to be bombed on a daily basis.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) spokesperson Sidi Ahmet Pîre announced during the week that the Turkish state had brought 300 ISIS gang members to the Duhok border and settled them there.


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