HPG Command Council Member Piling Meletî said that they have been struggling for a free society for 45 years and as a result, the peoples found the solution in the PKK.

HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Command Council Member Piling Meletî spoke to Dengê Gel (People’s Voice) Radio. Starting his speech by celebrating the 46th anniversary of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), Piling Meletî stated that the PKK’s emergence should be understood very well. Remarking that the PKK was founded in a period of great problems in Kurdistan and the Middle East, Piling Meletî emphasised that the PKK has been fighting for a free society for 45 years.

Piling Meletî stated Stating that a culture of resistance was created thanks to the efforts of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the martyrs. Noting that a great price was paid in the struggle that has been going on for 45 years, Piling Meletî stated that the PKK is not a classical uprising movement, but has developed on the basis of a philosophy, and is therefore is a universal movement.

An alternative system against capitalist modernity

Pointing out that capitalist modernity attacks everything that belongs to human values, HPG Command Council Member Piling Meletî said, “Capitalist modernity today uses everything for its own benefit. The system, which is in crisis, has created blockage, crisis and great suffering in society. Peoples are in search of getting rid of this system. The answer to this search is Rêber Apo (Leader Abdullah Öcalan). Peoples see the solution in Rêber Apo and the PKK. Of course, great efforts were made, and great prices were paid to reach this level. As a result, an alternative system was created against capitalist modernity. The ruling powers took Rêber Apo captive with an international conspiracy to avenge this. The heavy isolation imposed on our Leader in İmralı today is a continuation of this conspiracy. There have been many revolts in the history of Kurdistan, but the PKK has been the longest. The PKK took the rebellions of the past as a basis, was influenced by them and enriched them even more and carried the struggle to today.”

The PKK is a place of great resistance and great comradeship

Remarking that every year he spent in the PKK had a different meaning, Piling Meletî stated: “If you take responsibility in the ranks of the PKK, if you show an approach in line with the philosophy of the PKK and Rêber Apo, you will make life meaningful anyway. Wherever you are in the mountains or in the city, you keep the PKK movement alive in every field and fight for it. Only in this way can you solve the problems in the areas you are in. Undoubtedly, this also reveals the will and power for a solution. Today, when a PKK militant participates in the struggle in the right way, he or she can evaluate the problems experienced all over the world and come up with ideas on how to solve them.  Because the PKK reveals an awareness in the military, ideological, political and organisational fields. This is the reality of the PKK.”

Meletî continued: “The PKK is a movement of humanity. Everyone who favours freedom finds a place in this movement. When you join the ranks of the PKK, you already realise how meaningless, pointless and purposeless the life you have been living in the system is. The PKK changed the history of the Kurdish people who were facing extinction. It brought the Kurdish people back to their feet and started a long struggle. The PKK is a place of great resistance, great comradeships and great martyrdoms. All this is an accumulation for every militant of this movement. In this process, as the Kurdish people and the freedom guerrilla, we are putting up relentless resistance. We will definitely succeed in this resistance.”


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