The assaults against ​​​​​​​Ain Issa continue

The assaults against ​​​​​​​Ain Issa continue

  • Date: December 22, 2020
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Οι τουρκικές επιθέσεις στην Αΐν Ισά συνεχίζονται

The assaults against ​​​​​​​Ain Issa continue

Military clashes continue on the outskirts of Ain Issa town for the fourth straight day, in light of the failure of Turkish mercenaries to reach the international road (M4) east of the town, after 4 unsuccessful infiltration attempts, responded to by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Turkey-affiliated mercenary groups began to launch a massive ground attack last Friday on Al-Jahbel and Al-Musharfa, 2 km east of Ain Issa, on the M4 linking the towns of Tal Tamer and Ain Issa.

The course of the battle

The SDF announced that they had foiled the attack and prevented the mercenaries from reaching the M4, after 5 days of cautious calm in the fighting fronts in the town.

While one of the joint military points was hit, out of 3 points between the Russian forces, the SDF, and the Syrian government, an artillery shelling resulted in the killing of a Syrian government officer and injuring a number of soldiers.

The northern neighborhoods of the strategic town were under mortar shelling by the Turkish occupation from its base last Saturday evening, after the failure of the first infiltration attempt to control Al-Musharafa and Al-Jahbel.

Russian betrayal

The vice co-presidency of Girê Spî / Tal Abyad confirmed that the Russian forces had refused a request by the people of the village of Al-Jahbel, to retrieve the bodies of two civilians under the rubble in the village, which is on the line of fire, who lost their lives in the indiscriminate Turkish shelling.

The Russian forces, which the vicinity of its largest military base in the town was exposed to Turkish shelling, did not show any military or media reactions, as it is the guarantor of the ceasefire process between the SDF and the Turkish occupation, according to the Sochi Agreement signed on October 22 of last year.

Mercenaries and clashes continue

Yesterday, the leader Ziad Halab indicated that they had killed 12 mercenaries within 4 days of the non-stop resistance in the villages of Al-Jahbel and Al-Musharafa.

This comes as periodic clashes continue between the SDF and the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries east of the town on the international road, without any progress by the mercenaries, contrary to the naked news about the truth and the false allegations.