Temelli: “The only way out of the chaos is to lift the isolation”

Temelli: “The only way out of the chaos is to lift the isolation”

  • Date: August 3, 2021
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Βουλευτής HDP: «Η μόνη διέξοδος από το χάος είναι η άρση της απομόνωσης του Οτσαλάν»

Temelli: “The only way out of the chaos is to lift the isolation”

The only solution, according to HDP deputy Sezai Temelli, who visited Hakkari with a delegation as part of the "We are HDP, we are everywhere" activities, is to cease the isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Sezai Temelli, the former Co-Chair of the HDP and deputy for Van, met the public in Hakkari with an accompanying delegation of the party.

The delegation was greeted with halay dances in the Çiftlik region, which is located on the road between Hakkari and Yüksekova.

Hundreds of people applauded as the delegation arrived in the city center and paid visits to the shopkeepers.

During the visit, when the slogan "HDP is the people, the people are here" was frequently shouted, the police blocked the audience and threatened them.

During the discussion, a police officer pushed Hakkari Deputy Sait Dede, evoking reactions.

Temelli addressed the crowd that had gathered in front of the HDP provincial building, "We have an idea. A democratic solution and a democratic republic are both possible with this concept. I salute Mr. Öcalan, who created this concept.”

Temelli stated, "There has been a torture system in İmrali for the last 6 years. If you ignore this notion, if you isolate it, and try to shut down the HDP, the country you've created cannot be called a country; at best, it's hell."

Temelli pointed to Imrali as the address of the solution and referred to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech during his visit to Amed:

"Erdogan claims that HDP ‘toppled the solution process. HDP is the process' main executive. By planning a collapse, the government has brought a whole country to its knees. The only way to get out of this hell and mess is to end the isolation. Mr. Öcalan is the solution's addressee. Lifting the isolation is still the only way out of the chaos. You will not find a solution if you continue to slaughter the sea and commit murders."

Following the speech, Temelli and the accompanying delegation visited KESK, the IHD Hakkari Branch, the Hakkari Bar Association, and the ÖHD Hakkari Representative Office.