Şimal Ülkem Güneş: The struggle is not limited to the mountains

Şimal Ülkem Güneş: The struggle is not limited to the mountains

  • Date: June 17, 2021
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Şimal Ülkem Güneş- Ο αγώνας δεν περιορίζεται στα βουνά

Şimal Ülkem Güneş: The struggle is not limited to the mountains

Şimal Ülkem Güneş from the PAJK Coordination stated that the struggle is not limited to the mountains, instead "everyone can respond to the enemy in their village, neighborhood or city."

Şimal Ülkem Güneş from the Coordination of the Free Women's Party of Kurdistan (Partiya Azadiya Jin a Kurdistanê, PAJK) addressed an appeal especially to the population in Batman and Amed (Diyarbakır), where the large Turkish air bases are located from which the fighter jets take off. Güneş calls for actions and blockades against Turkish air bases.

"For the guerrilla, there is no surrender"

Speaking to ANF, Şimal Ülkem Güneş pointed out the guerrilla resistance in Medya Defense Zones where Turkish invasion attacks continue and recalled that the guerrillas launched a war against the fascist Turkish army, one of the largest armies of the NATO. She said, “The guerrillas draw their determination from the stance on Imrali. Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) said about the PKK: 'I know the PKK and it will never be defeated.' We are the fighters of this perspective. For the PKK, there is no surrender. The guerrillas grow stronger with every attack and their will is getting even stronger."

"Women in South Kurdistan should rise up"

Critically referring to the collaboration of South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP with Turkish fascism, Güneş stated that such a mistaken stance is absolutely unacceptable for Kurdish women. She pointed out that the enemy tries to humiliate the Kurdish people and continued, "It is no use to express indignation about this only verbally. As the Women's Freedom Movement of Kurdistan, we appeal especially to the women of South Kurdistan: they should rise up and fulfill their patriotic duty. They should play their role with regard to national unity. They must clearly oppose the current invasion."

“Women and the youth should take action”

Expressing that every Kurdish patriot, woman and youth can struggle where they live, Güneş added, “Every day, Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SIHA) taking off from Amed, Batman and Malatya bombard Kurdistan mountains, set fire to the forests and claim the lives of the guerrillas. Their war industry is placed in Bursa, Ankara, Adana and unfortunately also in Hewler. In all these locations, women and the youth should take action. Why shall not the youth and women who could not find an opportunity to join the guerrilla ranks stand against the technique of the invading Turkish state in the villages, neighbourhoods and cities where they live? Everyone with a conscience and spirit can come to the Kurdistan mountains and struggle against the genociders, occupiers and fascists at the guerrilla fronts. The guerrilla struggle is the most honourable struggle. In this sense, we invite everyone wishing to join the struggle to the mountains but those who cannot create an opportunity to access the mountains can respond to the enemy where they live.

"Block military bases"

Addressing to the people in Amed and Batman, Güneş concluded, “95 percent of Batman people is patriot. Just like Turkish reconnaissance and war planes take off from these cities, bombard our lands and devastate our forests, we can deal a blow to the enemy in the same way in these places. Every youth in Amed can act as a human shield like a fortress against the aircrafts that take off from the centre of Amed and bombard Kurdistan. If nothing at all can be done, then barriers like a wall can be formed in the places where the air bases are located."