Siko: Turkey covets Kirkuk and Mosul

Siko: Turkey covets Kirkuk and Mosul

  • Date: May 12, 2021
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Σίκο: Η Τουρκία θέλει να καταλάβει το Κιρκούκ και τη Μοσούλη

Siko: Turkey covets Kirkuk and Mosul

Abdull Kareem Siko stressed that attacks carried out by the Turkish Occupation State on the Medya Self –Defence Zones pose threats to Kirkuk and Mosul and that Hewler ought to comprehend that Recep Tayyip Erdogan aims to annihilate the Kurdish people at large.

Since April 23rd, Turkish Occupation Forces carry out aggression on the Medya Self –defence Zones against the Guerrilla Forces.

The Turkish onslaught started after a phone call between the U.S. Joe Biden and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyib Erdogan.

Head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Dr, Abdulla Kareem Siko considered such attacks an extension to the Erdoganic dream of putting into operation the Milli System in Mosul and Kirkuk.

Siko ;aid stress on the hostility of the Turkish State to the Kurdish people '' since the very existence of the Turkish State it's antagonizes the Kurds and since assumption of power by the AKP Erdogan intends to annihilate the Kurdish people to build a new Ottoman empire''.

Siko noted that the extermination policy focuses on Kurds but the plot aims all peoples in the region '' Erdoagan never targets the Kurdish people alone, rather all Middle Eastern peoples that was very onvious in his interference in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Armenia believing that he is able to restore the Ottoman Empire via religion and Muslim Brotherhood''.

On the latest Turkish attacks Siko said though Turkish Army is being inflicted with heavy losses random shelling is still proceeding, that does not target a party rather the Kurdish existence''.

Sikoi made clear that latest attacks on Medya Zones and Shengal are in agreement with Southern Kurdistan and the Iraqi Federal Government, calling on both to sustain from complicity, '' attacks on Medya Zones pose threat to Kirkuk and Mosul, the KRG should know this idea''.

In spite of all radical and extremist groups used by Erdogan to exterminate the Kurdish people the intrepid resistance is still going on by Shengal Resistance Units in Shengal and the Syrian Democratic Forces in Rojava that foiled the Ottoman aspirations'', he said.

Siko concluded by saying that the Turkish State is not able to annihilate the Kurdish people,'' whatever attacks carried out by Erdogan on Medya Zones or North Eastern Syria they are all doomed failures, the Erdoganic end would be a dire one as all tyrants that sought to bring an end to the Kurds''.