SDF commander Militan Çiya: “We are defending our lands and country”

SDF commander Militan Çiya: “We are defending our lands and country”

Διοικήτρια του SDF: «Υπερασπιζόμαστε τα εδάφη και τη χώρα μας»

SDF commander Militan Çiya: "We are defending our lands and country"

SDF commander Militan Çiya said: “We are the defense force of our own land and country. And we will continue to defend them, whatever the cost."

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Militan Çiya commander said that the Turkish state wants to take revenge on the people of the region because of the Rojava Revolution.

Talking to ANF about the invading Turkish state's attacks on North-East Syria, commander Çiya said that the Rojava Revolution took place thanks to great resistance, labor and heavy costs, and added that the enemy took action to take revenge, as it could not stand the achievements of the revolution. The Turkish state has one target: occupying Rojava lands. Reminding that Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî have been occupied within the framework of this plan, commander Çiya said: “Civilians suffered the most in the invasion attacks of the Turkish state. Civilians lost their lives, lost their homes and lands. The people have paid a heavy price both economically and psychologically."

The Turkish state is not alone, said the SDF commander, adding that it “carried out political, diplomatic, social and military attacks within the framework of a plan to destroy the achievements of the Rojava revolution. Therefore, it considers as valid all methods, from psychological operations to military attacks."

As to the presence of the Russian and Damascus governments in the region, commander Çiya noted that the Turkish state never took them seriously and attacked them whenever it wanted. “Every day, people are tortured in the occupied areas. Turkey does not make any difference between women, children or the elderly. There are dozens of documents of this persecution. The Turkish state has declared everyone a terrorist. A 70-year-old person is also a terrorist. The villager who works at home in his garden is also a terrorist. For this reason, villages that are kilometres away from the front are also targeted. The fields and animals, which are people's livelihoods, are targeted. Most recently, an entire family was killed in the village of Safawiyê. At midnight, the heaviest weapons were used against a family who had been asleep. Everyone has seen these images.”

Commander Çiya said: “The Turkish state says we should be 3 km away from the M4 road. Of course they should too, but they constantly violate this rule. The M4 road is the target of Turkish state attacks every day. The villages on both sides of the road are in ruins, because of the constant attacks. The air space should be closed, but this is not the case. The Turkish state flies both reconnaissance and warplanes whenever it wants. Again, there were several attempts to infiltrate the area. Five attempts have been made to infiltrate the Ain Issa and Mişerfe so far. Each of their attacks met with great resistance from the SDF fighters and they were spoiled.”

Underlining that they will not leave any attack unanswered, commander Çiya said: “We are the defense force of our people and we will continue to protect our people. The people who resist and fight in this region are defending their own lands and countries. Of course, the attacks still continue. We are aware of our duty as a defense force, and we are ready for all kinds of sacrifices and costs to fulfil this duty until the end. We will make the Turkish state regret not only for attacking, but also for occupying our lands.”


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