Schools in Zirgan under attack

Schools in Zirgan under attack

  • Date: December 24, 2020
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Τα σχολεία στην πόλη Zirgan κοντά στη Σερεκανίγιε δέχονται επίθεση

Schools in Zirgan under attack

The attacks by the Turkish forces are directed in particular against the civilian population in northern Syria. In Zirgan, schools in particular are also coming under fire.

In recent days, attacks by the Turkish army and its mercenaries from the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) have escalated. The schools in Zirgan (Abu Rassan) near the occupied Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) are also under fire. Russian troops stationed in Zirgan do not comment on the attacks.

Zirgan the focus of Turkish attacks

In addition to Ain Issa, the town of Zirgan is now also the focus of the attacks. There are five schools in the town itself. These schools are attacked on a daily basis. Two schools located on the front lines have had to suspend classes. The other schools have had to drastically reduce the number of students. In Zirgan itself, 6,741 children cannot attend classes. Out of 81 village schools in the town, only 40 are still in operation.

Nesrin Ali from the school administration in Zirgan warns that the daily attacks pose a threat to the lives of the students. But the resulting psychological stress is also high, she emphasizes.

Appeal to the international community

Ali appeals to the international community to take action. In the report of its Syria Commission, the UN stated that the artillery bombardment of residential areas is a war crime. Yet there remains no international response.


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