Russia is ceding Til Temir to the Turkish state

Russia is ceding Til Temir to the Turkish state

  • Date: December 23, 2020
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Η Ρωσία παραχωρεί το Τίλ Ταμίρ στο τουρκικό κράτος

Russia is ceding Til Temir to the Turkish state

Til Temir residents said that Russia ceded the region to the Turkish state.

Invasion attacks of the Turkish state against Northern and Eastern Syria continue. Trying to take control of the international M4 highway, the Turkish state is carrying out intense attacks on various central locations in the Euphrates and Cizire regions. Subjected to intense attacks, people living in Ain Issa and Til Temir (Tal Tamr) strongly oppose the attacks.

Mihemed Baqî, who lives in Til Temir, said, “The attacks on Ain Issa are related to the Turkish state's agreement with Russia. We are worried about the attacks targeting us. The Turkish state seeks to invade our lands. While withdrawing from Idlib the Turkish state is attacking Northern and Eastern Syria. These attacks are taking place in front of Russia's eyes. The government of Damascus is a mere spectator to this situation.”

Another resident, Mihemed Ömer pointed out that Til Temir is also subjected to the attacks similar to Ain Issa. “We are worried about Russia's attitude. But no matter what happens, we will not leave our land to the invaders. We will resist to the end,” he said.

Til Temir district council member Ridwan Xelef stated that the Turkish state is trying to take advantage of the power vacuum stemming from the presidential election in the USA and said, “We see that Russia has left the region to the Turkish state through the agreement it has made. For this reason, heavy military shipments are made around the M4 highway. Russia's agreement with the Turkish state aims to separate the Euphrates and Cizire from each other. We all see that there is no stability in the places occupied by the Turkish state. The people know very well the reality of the gangs. For this reason, the people fully endorse Til Temir Military Council and Syriac Military Council.”

Syriac Military Council spokesperson Aram Hena also pointed to the increasing attacks of the Turkish state against Ain Issa and Til Temir and said, “The attacks taking place now are more extensive and more intense than the previous ones. Heavy weapons are used. Preparations are being made for a great war.”


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