The peoples of Qamişlo and Cizîre canton protested against the Turkish government’s usurpation of the people’s will in Van province in Northern Kurdistan.

Qamişlo People’s Initiative organised a march to express their support for the uprising of the people of Van where the democratically elected co-mayor of the DEM Party was stripped of his civil rights by order of the Turkish government and unlawfully replaced by the AKP candidate.

Hundreds of people, executives and representatives of organisations in the city participated in the march, chanting the slogans “Bijî berxwedan” (Long live resistance) and “Bijî Serok Apo” (Long live Leader Öcalan).

Qamişlo People’s Municipality Co-Mayor Emel Şemdin said, “We welcome the uprising of the people of Bakur (North Kurdistan) against the oppression of the Turkish state. We will support it to the end. We condemn the silence of international powers against this lawlessness.”

People’s municipalities in the Cizîre Canton also saluted the resistance of the people of North Kurdistan.

The municipalities in Hesekê and its Til Temir, Til Berak and Dirbêsiyê districts, said, “We support the DEM Party members who won the elections and the will of the people of North Kurdistan who reject the AKP policy.”


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