Murat Karayılan: Turkey is using chemical weapons

Murat Karayılan: Turkey is using chemical weapons

  • Date: May 18, 2021
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Μουράτ Καραγιλάν: Η Τουρκία χρησιμοποιεί χημικά όπλα

Murat Karayılan: Turkey is using chemical weapons

The Headquarters Commander of the People’s Defence Centre (HSM) Murat Karayılan spoke to Sterk TV about Turkey’s latest operations against the Medya Defence Zones in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Murat Karayılan said that Turkey is using all its technology to defeat the PKK and has brought its mercenaries to the region to join the fight.

“They destroy everything. They brought the fighters of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Al Nusra from Syria,” he said.

Karayılan drew attention to the possible threats. “This resistance is not only the resistance of the PKK but the resistance of the entire Kurdish people,” he said, and continued: “It is a struggle for democracy in Turkey, a struggle for democracy in the region. Because if they achieve their goals, they will be a great threat and danger to the Arab people.”

Despite all the technology Turkey is using, they could not move more than 3km, he added. “When the first attacks started, Zendura, Mamresho, Mervanos, and Qela Bêdewê areas were bombed. And they still are.”

Karayılan also stated that Turkey is using chemical weapons in some regions: “In the last attacks, Turkey used chemical weapons. It does not use them in the whole area like in Halabja, it uses them in a controlled manner. For example, Turkey uses chemical weapons in a region and stays away from that area for a few days. The Turkish state is waging terror in Kurdistan but tries to hide it. We have 18 martyrs in the ongoing attacks so far. There is no news from six friends, but we do not know that they were martyred yet. According to the findings of our friends, 187 Turkish soldiers died, and the number of those injured is around 20.”