The Turkish state is killing the Kurds, and the world is silent!

The Executive Council of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) issued a statement to condemn the attacks carried out by Turkey targeting civilian facilities in Northern and Eastern Syria.

The KNK wrote: “The Turkish state is attacking hospitals, schools, mosques, service factories, grain warehouses, oil stations, power plants and all service infrastructures in Rojava with all kinds of weapons, targeting civilians and the entire population of the region.

The attacks of the invading Turkish state on North and East Syria must be stopped and condemned. During this time, when the whole world is busy celebrating Christmas, the Turkish state is once again launching an all-out war, attacking North and East Syria with warplanes, drones, and cannons.

The goals and targets of the attacks of the occupying state are from Kobanê to Tirbesipiye, in the entire Rojava of Kurdistan. They target all service infrastructure, economy, fuel, and civil society. Many civilians lost their lives in the attacks, and many people were injured. In these attacks, the train station in Qamishli, tailors, building material companies and factories are targeted.”

The KNK continued: “We know very well that the purpose and goal of the attacks of the Turkish occupying state is to destroy the society of Rojava Kurdistan and to destroy the construction of civil society and occupation. In all their forms, these attacks are against international laws and agreements and cannot be accepted. Despite this, the international coalition against terrorism, institutions and the state are silent against these attacks of the occupying state.

There is no voice at the international level, and so far, no position has emerged. The world is raising its voice against the attack in Gaza. Unfortunately, it is silent against the attacks of the Turkish state. What the UN, the Council of Europe, NATO, the International Coalition, and human rights protection organisations are doing without a voice and a position is unacceptable in any way. There is silence in place of condemnation.”

The KNK added: “The appeal of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) to international organisations and the people of Kurdistan is to strongly oppose the attacks of the Turkish state and end the silence. It is necessary for the people of Kurdistan in all four parts of the world to take care of West Kurdistan and develop historical resistance. The KNK calls on the international coalition and the UN to take up their duties immediately and prevent the attacks of the occupying state.”



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