Karayılan: Our goal is to break Turkish colonialism

Karayılan: Our goal is to break Turkish colonialism

  • Date: May 20, 2021
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Καραγιλάν: Στόχος μας είναι να σπάσουμε την τουρκική αποικιοκρατία

Karayılan: Our goal is to break Turkish colonialism

Murat Karayılan of the PKK has commented on the current war situation in the Medya Defense Zones in a video message. A situation map presented by the commander-in-chief of the central HPG headquarters provides important information.

In a video message on the occasion of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) meeting on the expansion of Kurdish unity against attacks by the Turkish state, Murat Karayılan, a member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) Executive Committee, commented on the current war situation in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). Karayılan showed the military situation in the Avashin, Zap and Metina regions using a map of the situation with key positions of the PKK's own forces and Turkish troops and emphasized that the current invasion was not an "ordinary occupation operation." Rather, he said, it was about Ankara's neo-imperial territorial claims in terms of implementing the Misak-ı Milli (National Pact) - a plan drafted in the Ottoman Parliament in the early 1920s that envisaged a Turkish national territory including Thrace, Rojava (northern Syria) and southern Kurdistan. The Treaty of Lausanne, which defined Turkey's borders in 1923, is being challenged by President Erdoğan's government. Erdoğan's magic number is 2023 - one hundred years after the founding of the republic, the course of the border is supposed to have been redrawn.

Syrian mercenaries in action

According to Karayılan, in addition to Turkish soldiers, Islamist mercenaries who have been withdrawn from Syria are also participating in the invasion of southern Kurdistan, which is accompanied by intensive bombardments. “It is also no coincidence that the attack started on the night of April 24, the anniversary of the Armenian genocide. The message is clear: history should repeat itself. The Turkish state always chooses symbolic days to convey messages to its opponents. Yet, we were prepared. For some time now, the guerrillas have been going through a restructuring phase as a defense force to push for modernization. We are focusing on defeating the enemy as a strong-willed, courageous, intelligent, skillful and professional force that has an advantage on the ground and makes enemy technology come to naught. This is the goal to which we aspire. In this sense, our forces have been mounting an extremely important resistance for more than twenty days. In many places, the enemy is still in the position from the first day of the operation, unable to advance. At yet other points, the occupiers have been able to move a few short miles, but the war there continues."

According to Karayılan, Turkish occupation troops in Metina have reached Hill Zendûra and took some points and fighting in this area continues with intensity.

"Our friends are still on Zendûra and have been trying to drive out the occupiers for 20 days. So far, they have not succeeded. In the Zap region, the enemy is trying to advance on two fronts: In the area we call Little Cilo, and at the Bêdewê fortress. As resistance continues, it is not yet possible for the occupiers to advance."

Intense fighting in Avashin

Karayılan continued: "The most comprehensive war is currently taking place in Avashin. The Turkish army is divided into two corps there; in Mamreşo with the corps from Şemdinli, and in Mervanus with the corps from Yüksekova. Between them runs the Avashin River. At the moment, the enemy is trying to encircle our friends at the triangle area where the Avashin and Basya rivers unify. For this goal, there has been a heavy war in Mamreşo. The Turkish state has used chemical weapons there. Our companions have written a true heroic epic under the leadership of Serhat Giravî. The courage of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, the sacrifices made during this war are really on a very high level. The sons and daughters of the Kurdish people show great will on the battlefield. The Mamreşo Şikefti area has been taken by the enemy, but the fighting continues. The war on this front is concentrated in the Aris-Faris region. Resistance also continues in Mervanos. The enemy wants to take Aris-Faris and Mervanos completely, in order to draw a siege ring around our friends in the regions between the two areas and the north. This shows that there will be fierce fighting in this triangle in the coming days. The guerrillas in the region there will not retreat even if they are encircled. Our forces are determined to fight."

“Demonstrate stance against Turkish colonialism”

Looking at the map of the situation, it is clear that the guerrilla resistance of the past three weeks has been extremely successful, Karayılan continued; "It is a great result that demonstrates the success of the guerrilla. In this regard, we trust in ourselves. However, I would also like to point out the importance of solidarity with the guerrilla. If it receives support, it will in any case crush Turkish colonialism. This should be clear to everyone. Without help, there may be delays, but our goal is still to break Turkish colonialism. That is the basis of guerrilla resistance. That is why we say, 'If we want to claim status as Kurds, we have to demonstrate our stance against Turkish colonialism. As long as we do not do this, Turkish colonialism will not end, but will target all the achievements of the Kurdish people. For us, it is a question of being or not being of the Kurdish people, we think that a collective strategy [against the Turkish attacks] is extremely important. In this sense, we wish the delegates and the KNK board every success."


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