Journalists attacked by racist group in Turkey

Journalists attacked by racist group in Turkey

  • Date: August 4, 2021
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Επίθεση εναντίον δημοσιογράφων από ρατσιστική ομάδα στην Τουρκία

Journalists attacked by racist group in Turkey

A number of journalists have been attacked by racists in the Kasımpaşa district of Istanbul after reporting on protests relating to the murder of seven members of a Kurdish family in Konya.

Protests were organised in various provinces of Turkey by the Platform for the Forces of Labour, Peace and Democracy, relating to the massacre of seven members of a Kurdish family in Konya’s Meram district.

Some journalists were attacked by a group of racists in the Kasimpaşa district of Istanbul, very close to Taksim, after the protests had ended at Tünel Square.

The journalists were following protesters, who were chanting slogans in the streets after the action.

Several journalists were beaten in the attack, including Mesopotamia Agency (MA) reporter Enes Sezgin and Özgür Gelecek (Free Future) reporter Taylan Öztaş.

None of the attackers were detained, but six of the casualties including the journalists were later detained by police. They were taken to Taksim First Aid Hospital for medical reports of the assault, but MA reported that the journalists were then also beaten by the police in the police car after leaving the hospital.

Lawyer Sercan Korkmaz met with the detainees at the police station and said, “None of the six detainees were in good condition. They had been beaten both by the assailants during the march, and by police in the police car after getting medical reports of the assault at the hospital. Sezgin couldn’t move his neck. He had bloodshot eyes and bruising on his face. The others were in similar conditions.”

The names of those detained including the journalists are as follows: Enes Sezgin, Taylan Öztaş , Seyfettin Kumek, Serhat Sezgin, Pinar Aslan, Caziye Aygün.

Six people were taken from the police station to the courthouse in Çağlayan. Even though they were released, an international travel ban and judicial control measures were imposed on them.