‘If needed, we can fight alongside the guerrilla’

‘If needed, we can fight alongside the guerrilla’

  • Date: May 31, 2021
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Γυναίκες στο Καμισλί: «Αν χρειαστεί, θα πολεμήσουμε στο πλευρό των ανταρτών»

‘If needed, we can fight alongside the guerrilla’

Women living in Girbawi region of Qamishlo fiercely condemned the Turkish state’s attacks on Medya Defense Zones and said, “We always stand with our guerrilla forces. If needed, we can take up arms and fight alongside them."

The occupant Turkish state has been continuing its attacks on guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) since April 23. In response, fighters of HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA (Free Women’s Troops) continue to resist against these cruel attacks.

As Turkey’s attacks in various parts of Kurdistan continue unabated, people in North and East Syria have continuously taken to the streets to support the guerrilla resistance and condemn invading forces since the day attacks began.

Wefa Xelil, a citizen among those taking to the streets said, “If the guerrillas did not resist, Kurdistan mountains would have been invaded very long ago. We will continue our actions until the occupiers are entirely expelled from our lands.”

“We fiercely condemn the international community remaining silent against the brutal attacks on Metina, Avashin and Zap regions. They become blind, deaf and dumb when the Kurds come into question. This is completely unacceptable” said Wefa Xelîl.

Likewise, Fadiye İsmail said, “The attacks of the occupant Turkish state are officially defined as a crime in terrorism statue. Banned weapons are used in the attacks that aim to annihilate whole Kurdish people are. Yet, we are sure that no invading force can stand against the struggle spirit of our guerrillas. Those intending to invade our lands previously failed dozens of times, and now, we witness them exerting the final effort.”

Another citizen, Viyan Osi also condemned southern Kurdistan government’s silence against the attacks on Medya Defense Zones and said, “Such a silence demonstrates their collaboration with the invading forces. South Kurdistan people must give the necessary response to this collaborator government.”

Lastly, Leyla Şêro said, “We always stand with the guerrilla against invading forces. Today, we have taken to the streets and if needed, we can fight alongside the guerrilla shoulder to shoulder tomorrow. We have no lands for occupiers.”


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