Ibrahim: Turkish state targets Kurdish women

Ibrahim: Turkish state targets Kurdish women

  • Date: December 21, 2020
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Το τουρκικό κράτος στοχοποιεί τις Κούρδισσες

Ibrahim: Turkish state targets Kurdish women

The Co-chair of the Lawyers Union in al-Jazira region indicated that the will of the Kurdish women was targeted by the Turkish state, which enacted laws according to its mentality, and said: "The relevant institutions are in that sleep of death."

Speaking to ANHA (Hawar News Agency) about the Turkish state’s long-standing policies of "rape, extermination and violence" against Kurdish women, Hatice Ibrahim, the Co-chair of the Lawyers Union in Cizire (al-Jazira) region said that "rape, harassment, violence, torture and extermination are crimes committed against women in order to silence their voice."

According to the data obtained by the Center for Research and Protection of Women's Rights, the crimes committed against women and children in Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê occupied by the Turkish state were recorded as follows: 88 killed, 140 kidnapped, 176 wounded, 99 children killed, 11 children abducted and 176 children injured.

Turkish state's laws protect rapists

Hatice Ibrahim said: "The Turkish state targets Kurdish women in particular, and because the Kurds view women as an honor, it exploits this matter and uses special war policies against Kurdish families."

The lawyer touched on the courts' failure to carry out their duties regarding crimes against women, and said: "Unfortunately, laws and courts protect rapists and perpetrators of crimes against women and do not prosecute them.” She explained that the Turkish state has a hand in these crimes, and that it is the one that gives orders to commit them, adding: "The Turkish state's laws protect rapists."

Human rights courts must try the Turkish state

Ibrahim indicated that the crimes of the Turkish occupation state forces are increasing day after day in north and east Syria, noting that the crimes of rape, violence, torture and kidnapping against women continue in the occupied areas. She said that these crimes are committed before the eyes of the whole world.

Ibrahim pointed out that the international community is not carrying out its duties regarding these crimes, and in this context she said: "Human rights institutions and the international community are deaf and dumb about these crimes. Every day, women in Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and Afrin are kidnapped, killed, and raped.

The crimes of the Turkish occupation against women are crimes against humanity and war crimes, and those who close their eyes and deal with them as deaf and dumb are the partners of the Turkish occupation in them. The human rights courts must open cases against the Turkish state and hold it accountable for these crimes."

Concerned institutions take the position of the blind, deaf and dumb

Hatice Ibrahim explained that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries commit crimes against human dignity in Girê Spi, Afrin, and Serêkaniyê. She continued: "According to the statistics we obtained, the crimes that have been committed are many, and international human rights committees have not yet entered the occupied territories, and these crimes remain covered, but everyone knows that the Turkish state commits crimes against women on a daily basis, and women are sold. The concerned institutions are blind, deaf and dumb."

Women are symbol of freedom and democracy

The lawyer said that the revolution in north and east Syria is known as the revolution of women in the pages of history, noting that women have struggled in every inch of the lands of north and east Syria. She added: “The revolution of women today is a symbol of freedom, justice and rights. Women are at the forefront of the revolution, the military forces, and on the front lines to protect and defend their people, they have their place in organizational, institutional work, and the training of society and women. The revolution is a victory for women and a defeat for the male mentality, the fascist state and terrorism. "

Turkish state fears that society will break restrictions of slavery with women's freedom

Hatice Ibrahim indicated that society will be liberated with women's freedom, and that the Turkish state will not be able to continue its policies and crimes against women with freedom of women and society.

“With the fall of the mentality of male domination, authority will also fall. Authority was built on the foundations of masculinity and genocide, and the Turkish state tries to prevent the fall of its authority, so it launches attacks on women. With the freedom of women, the domination of the Turkish state will fall, and society will break the chains of slavery."

Ibrahim said that Turkey’s laws were put forward with the mentality of the Turkish state, and their aim is to strip society of its rights.

If we unite our voice, we will take women's rights from them

Ibrahim called on the international community, human rights institutions and jurists to rise up against the violence that women are subject to, to unify voices and express to stance against injustice.

At the end of her speech, the Co-chair of the Lawyers Union in al-Jazira region, Hatice Ibrahim, said: "Women must not submit and accept injustice. The Turkish state is trying to undermine the struggle of women, and that is why we must escalate and strengthen our struggle, end genocide, injustice, rape and kidnapping, and we must strengthen our solidarity and unity.


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