HDP promotes “Justice for All” campaign

HDP promotes “Justice for All” campaign

  • Date: February 12, 2021
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Το HDP προωθεί την εκστρατεία Δικαιοσύνη για όλους

HDP promotes "Justice for All" campaign

With the "Justice for All" campaign, the HDP declares the abolition of the social structure of inequality in Turkey to be the core of its political work: "It is in our hands to remove the injustices."

The HDP published the program of its “Justice for All” campaign on Monday. The initiative proposes a common struggle against injustice and for freedom, solidarity and social justice. "All political and social opposition forces in Turkey, all people with a conscience are called upon to unite against the unjust and authoritarian regime in this country," declared party leaders Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar. The campaign's period of action will be until June.

"Turkey has been confronted with a political and economic crisis for a long time. It is a crisis which has spread with the presidential system, a form of regime based on injustice and inequality," says the introduction to the declaration. The disintegration caused by the AKP-MHP government and the hopelessness in the economy, justice, education, health, politics and culture are imposing an unbearable life on society.”

Most pressing problem facing Turkey today: lack of justice

The declaration continues: “Although each crisis has its own consequences, the overall result is injustice. A society can only exist with justice. If there is no justice, nothing can stop the country from collapsing.”

Injustice is the basis of the regime

The declaration insists that “from justice to women's rights, from taxes to wages, from workers' rights to consumer rights, from access to health to the right to housing; From the right to freedom of expression to the rights of people, children and animals, from the right to peace to the right to life, from the right to water and land to ecological rights - no matter what kind of justice it is, injustice is everywhere the base of the government.”

The social inequality that the HDP wants to abolish are listed as follows:

* Injustice and poverty in the economy

* Injustice in politics and the trustee regime

* Injustice and lawlessness in the judiciary

* Injustice in recognizing different identities

* Injustice in prisons

* Injustice to young people

* Gender injustice

* Injustice in health and education

* Climate injustice


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