Four guerrillas martyred in Iranian attack in Salmas

Four guerrillas martyred in Iranian attack in Salmas

  • Date: May 21, 2021
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Περιτριγυρισμένοι από αντιπάλους: Τέσσερις αντάρτες μαρτύρησαν σε ιρανική επίθεση

Four guerrillas martyred in Iranian attack in Salmas

HPG announced that four guerrillas were martyred in an attack of Iranian forces in Salmas area on May 11. While guerrillas continued their actions against Turkish forces, latest airstrikes by the Turkish army did not result in casualties among guerrillas.

The press office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has released a statement informing about the current war situation in the Medya Defense Zones attacked by Turkey. Since the night of April 23-24, the Turkish army, with the involvement of jihadist mercenaries from Syria, has been carrying out an invasion operation in the Zap, Avashin and Metina regions. The Kurdish guerrilla organizations HPG and YJA-Star are countering the onslaught with various offensives.

Guerrilla action in Heftanin

According to the statement, guerrillas targeted the Turkish forces stationed invaders on Xaç Hill in the Xantur area of ​​the Heftanin region. Following the action, which left three soldiers dead and a tent destroyed, Turkish forces bombed the scene of the action with howitzers and mortars.

Four guerrillas martyred in Salmas

HPG stated that a group of guerrillas were attacked by Iranian forces while on move in the Salmas area on May 11. Four guerrillas were martyred as a result of the attack.

No guerrilla casualties in airstrikes

On May 17, the Turkish army's airstrikes on the Medya Defense Zones continued. According to HPG statement, the Zendûra hill in Metîna was bombed three times by fighter jets. In the Zap region, Turkish troops were dropped from helicopters on Şehîd Serxwebûn hill. In the Mamreşo, Mervanos and Şukê areas of Avaşîn, hours of helicopter gunfire were recorded late Monday night. There were no guerrilla casualties as a result of the bombardments.