Commander Kobanê: We won’t remain silent as Ayn Issa is targeted

Commander Kobanê: We won’t remain silent as Ayn Issa is targeted

  • Date: December 5, 2020
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Διοικητής Kobanê: Δεν θα μείνουμε σιωπηλοί καθώς στοχοποιείται η Ayn Issa

Διοικήτρια Kobanê: Δεν θα μείνουμε σιωπηλοί καθώς στοχοποιείται η Ayn Issa

Barin Kobanê is one of the commanders of the YPJ Women's Defense Units. She said: "As YPJ we will react to the attacks that are taking place."

Since the invasion of Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) and Girê Spî (Tall Abyad) in northern Syria carried out by the Turkish army and its jihadist mercenary troops in the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA), the Ayn Issa region has been the front line against the occupation forces.

Despite a ceasefire guaranteed by the USA and Russia, the occupying forces attack areas in Ayn Issa with artillery every day. In the last few weeks the occupation forces tried numerous attacks, including against villages and even the city of Ayn Issa with ground troops. The population is specifically targeted. Several civilians, including children, were killed and countless injured as a result of the attacks. The guarantor powers do not react to these systematic violations of the ceasefire and the Turkish state is advancing with its bases, also contrary to the agreement. There are now Turkish military bases two kilometers from Ayn Issa, from where they can observe the city and the surrounding area with thermal imaging cameras.

Many people killed or injured

The commander of the YPJ women's defense units, Barin Kobanê, said in an interview with ANF: “There are attacks on Ayn Issa. Thousands of civilians live here. Many houses were damaged and many people were injured or even killed. But still the people feel connected to the country and their city, they say: 'We will stay here until the end and offer help to the resistance.'"

Commander Kobanê described the mood in the population of Ayn Issa with the following words: “The population is angry with both Russia and the regime. After the recent attacks on civilian areas, the population protested and expressed their anger. Time and again people declare that, if necessary, they will all take part in the legitimate defense and are ready to defend their country in every way."

We will resist

Commander Kobanê  said: “As YPJ, we will respond to the attacks that are taking place,” and continued: “We are prepared for a possible attack. We don't attack anyone, but the Turkish army is constantly attacking us. This shows that there is a cartel of silence in NATO about this situation. This silence by NATO is absolutely unacceptable. We are daughters of this people. We are fighters of this people. If we don't answer the attacks that are taking place, then history won't forgive us. We will never bow to the enemy. We owe that to the people. This ground is soaked with the blood of our martyrs. This soil on which we grew up is our dignity, our values and our heritage and we will defend that heritage. We have made sacrifices and, if necessary, we make greater ones. Wherever the population is oppressed, we are ready to go."


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