Assyrians in Til Temir: “We will remove the Turkish state from these lands”

Assyrians in Til Temir: “We will remove the Turkish state from these lands”

Ασσύριοι στο Τιλ Τεμίρ: «Θα διώξουμε το τουρκικό κράτος από αυτά τα εδάφη»

Assyrians in Til Temir: “We will remove the Turkish state from these lands”

Assyrians in Til Temir stated that they are in great danger due to the Turkish state's attacks on the region, stressing that they will fight until they remove the Turkish state from their lands.

ANF spoke to Assyrian Democratic Party Syria Branch Member Şemon Yunan and Syrian Assyrian People's Assembly Member Sergon Sileyon about the attacks of the Turkish state against Til Temir (Tal Tamr), the experiences of the Assyrian people, the views of the Assyrian party and their assemblies and their future plans.

Şemon Yunan emphasized that the Turkish state attacks all ethnic groups. “The violations of the Turkish state in Assyrian villages such as Telişnan and Dildara are directed against all peoples of the region. It attacks each one of them unselectively.”

Yunan remarked that the Assyrian Democratic Party party knows about these attacks and closely follows the situation of the Assyrians living in Syria. “Through the latest wave of attacks, they want to cause strife among the peoples of the region. All human rights institutions in the region should come here and see what is happening and play their role. Human rights institutions should stop the violations. It is not enough to report violations through press outlets. They should step into action in order for people to stay on their land.”

Yunan pointed out that the massacres that were carried out to decimate the Greek, Armenian, Assyrian and Assyrian peoples in the past are currently being carried out against all peoples. “The Turkish state has remained notorious since the Sayfo genocide it carried out a century ago. The violations have been continuing until now. Just as it carried out mass slaughters against the Syriacs, Armenians and Assyrians in the past, it is presently aiming at all the peoples of North and East Syria. The international community, human rights organizations and all parties inside and outside Syria should find a solution for the region and prevent attacks targeting the civilian population.”


Sergon Sileyon condemned the Turkish state's constant invasion attacks on Syrian territory. “The Turkish state attacks the region through its army and mercenaries, and targets civilians directly. Its attacks destroy the houses of civilians. It slaughters civilians, including children and women. Assyrian villages in Til Temir are threatened with Turkish invasion. Attacks on the villages of Telişnan, Dildara, Shex Ali and Micebra have intensified in recent days.”

Sileyon underlined that these attacks are nothing new; “This situation is not something new for the Ottomans. They killed thousands of people during the Sayfo Genocide in 1915. The Ottomans have been slaughtering the Armenians, Syriacs and Assyrians since. They have committed myriad crimes. The Turkish state, which relies on Muslim Brotherhood ideology, wants to destroy the components of the people in the region. It seeks to create a situation based on fear and confusion among the people of the region who have formed their unity and defend their lands. They will never reach their goal. We will remove them from Syrian territory. It is already known that the invading Turkish state is the closest ally of ISIS. We will remove those people who attacked our region, subjected our Syriac-Assyrian peoples to massacres, destroyed our churches, pillaged our homes and properties, and forced our Syriac, Assyrian and Chaldean people to migrate from these lands. The international community should also act seriously and prevent these invasion attacks.”


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