Afrin IDPs: International community a party to Turkey’s crimes

Afrin IDPs: International community a party to Turkey’s crimes

  • Date: December 2, 2020
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Πρόσφυγες του Αφρίν: Η διεθνής κοινότητα συνένοχη στα εγκλήματα της Τουρκίας

Afrin IDPs: International community a party to Turkey’s crimes

Displaced people of Afrin strongly condemned the brutal murder of a child with 40 bullets in occupied Afrin, accusing the international community of being a party to the crimes committed.

Crimes against humanity have become rampant in Afrin, which has been occupied for three years by the occupying Turkish state and its gangs. Firqat al-Hamza gangs affiliated to the Turkish state opened fire on three civilians in the village of Kîmarê in the Şêrawa district of Afrin. A 14-year-old teenage, Hemo Cengiz Necar and 70-year-old Abdurehman Hemo died, whilst 30-year-old Mesud Mecid Hemo was injured in his foot. Autopsy report of Hemo Cengiz Necar revealed that the teenage was shot by 40 bullets. Speaking on the issue, Afrin IDPs condemned the silence of the international community.

Inhuman treatment

“We have been resisting to return home under difficult conditions in the camps for three years,” said Abidin Hemo from Afrin. ‘’The international community has become a partner in the crimes committed by the Turkish state in Afrin. What kind of humanity is this? They fired 40 bullets into the body of a 14-year-old boy," Hemo added.

Stating that the Turkish state continues to commit crimes in Afrin, Esûm Ismail from the occupied city said; “We emigrated from Afrin due to the persecution of the Turkish state. Those who stay in Afrin and want to protect their possessions are brutally murdered. How on earth can you kill a 70-year-old man? Even the graves of martyrs got their share of the brutality.”

Our resistance will continue

Another citizen of Afrin, Ristem Ebdo, said, “The people of Afrin continue to resist the Turkish state and its gangs. The Turkish state is trying to destroy our culture and language with its attacks. We will not allow the Kurdish people to be subjected annihilation campaign and destroyed. Our resistance will continue until we return to Afrin.”


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