16 killed as guerrillas increase actions against occupation forces

16 killed as guerrillas increase actions against occupation forces

  • Date: June 30, 2021
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Δεκαέξι νεκροί καθώς οι αντάρτες αυξάνουν τις ενέργειες κατά των κατοχικών δυνάμεων

16 killed as guerrillas increase actions against occupation forces

Despite technological superiority and a gigantic effort by the Turkish army, the Kurdish guerrillas manage to increase their activities against the invasion in the Medya Defense Zones.

At least sixteen members of the Turkish occupation forces have been killed in recent guerrilla actions in the Medya Defense Zones, reported the press office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) on the latest events of the war in the southern part of Kurdistan, northern Iraq. HPG also reports use of chemical warfare agents by the Turkish army. The invasion of the region has been going on for more than two months. Guerrillas of the HPG and the Free Women's Troops YJA-Star are countering the invasion with the Bazên Zagrosê (Falcons of Zagros) and Cenga Xaburê (Battle of Khabur) offensives.

The leftist women's guerrilla alliance Women’s United Revolutionary Movement of (KBDH) also participates in the resistance against the occupation of southern Kurdistan. According to the HPG, the female fighters took action against Turkish military positions on Qesrokê Hill in the Partîzan region on Sunday morning in the Heftanin region. Two soldiers were killed, while a machine gun and a surveillance camera were destroyed.

Twelve occupiers killed in Xakurke

In Xakurke, the guerrillas carried out a coordinated action against the occupation forces at Hill Şahan on Saturday morning. The first wing focused on two positions that came under fire. Here, five casualties occurred in the ranks of the occupation forces. The second wing targeted the summit positions and a radar facility installed there. Here, too, five soldiers/mercenaries were killed, and the Turkish military's radar system was destroyed. "As a result, the occupiers launched a pinpoint operation in the Hill Şahan's environs. This operation unit was effectively hit twice by guerrillas with sabotage actions. Two occupiers were punished," HPG said.

In total, twelve military personnel were killed in Xakurke. Although the operation was expanded as it progressed, it was halted again in the afternoon. The dead soldiers were flown out of the combat area by helicopter late in the evening, according to the statement.

Chemical warfare agents used in Avashin

In Avashin, the Turkish army again attacked the guerrillas' tunnel facilities in Werxele at noon on Saturday. According to the HPG statement, chemical warfare agents were used by the Turkish army once again. In the area of Girê Sor, occupation forces attempted to penetrate the tunnel system of the guerrillas. In the course of a counterattack, fighting broke out in the area and continued until the evening. "As a result of the unsuccessful effort to infiltrate our war tunnels, blasts occurred in the outer area of the facility. The occupiers used green-colored poisonous gases in the process. Our forces resisted and forced the invading forces to retreat.

Earlier today, several soldiers came under fire from the guerrillas at Girê Sor and two of them were killed.

Continued air strikes by the Turkish army

HPG further reported that Turkish fighter jets bombed the Kela Qumriyê area in Metina last night. In Avashin, helicopter activity was over the regions of Mervanos, Mamreşo, Banista and Tabura Ereban recorded in the evening. At about the same time, helicopter activity was recorded in the Small Cilo in Zap.