104 intellectuals call for an end to attacks on Rojava and South Kurdistan

104 intellectuals call for an end to attacks on Rojava and South Kurdistan

104 διανοούμενοι ζητούν να σταματήσουν οι επιθέσεις στη Ροζάβα και το Νότιο Κουρδιστάν

104 intellectuals call for an end to attacks on Rojava and South Kurdistan

Arab and Kurdish intellectuals called on international law organizations and the Arab League to stop the invading Turkish state's attacks on North and East Syria and South Kurdistan.

In an open letter, the Arab-Kurdish Dialogue Committee, made up of intellectuals, academics, activists, lawyers and NGO members, called for putting an end to the Turkish attacks on North and East Syria and South Kurdistan.

The letter titled "Stop the Turkish regime attacking Syria and the north of Iraq" has been submitted to world states, parliamentarians, EU parliamentarians, UN Secretary General, international human rights organizations, Arab League parliamentarians and all Arab and Islamic countries.

The letter said: "For a long time, the Turkish regime has been desperately looking for a pretext to attack the north of Iraq and Syria. The Turkish regime wants to export its internal problems, weakness and incompetence of its government to the surrounding countries. In the meantime, Erdogan dreams of a resurrection of the Ottoman empire."

The letter continued: "This time, Turkey's military aims have been exposed. On November 18, the USA asked its citizens not to go to Syria and Iraq because of Turkey's possible attacks.

These statements and warnings show that the US is helpless in the face of Turkey's attacks on Iraq and Syria and remains incapable of responding to the violation of its sovereignty. Therefore, the US authorities warned their citizens. The US does not take care of the Arabs, the Kurds, minorities, Christians, Yazidis and other minorities of Iraq and Syria."

The letter underlined that on 20 November, Erdogan continued his threats and launched attacks on North Syria and Iraq. As a result of the attacks, local people have been martyred and injured.  Civilian settlements have also been damaged. The attack has also damaged a Covid 19 Hospital.

The intellectuals wrote: "We, the Arab-Kurdish Dialogue Committee, request you to take a stand to defend international laws and human rights, and to protect the sovereignty of states. We want you to close the airspace of the region to defend the people of the region and to stop the attacks of the Turkish army in Syria and Iraq."

The first 10 signatories are as follows:

1-Journalist-Author Muhsin Ewedullah- Egypt
2-International law and human rights professor Dr. Raida Hisên Mihemed El Debhani
3-Consultant Dr. Elaa Salama - Egypt
4- Rami Abdurehman, Director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR)
5-Architect Hani Milad Hena- Egypt
6-Mihemed Hisên Ehmed, Head of Siud Research Center
7-Military Strategist and Observer Jamil Al Muemrî-Yemen
8- Writer and Political Commentator Rami Zuhdi- Egypt
9- Chairman of the Syrian Reform Movement Shukri Shexani
10- Author Eli Abu El Xêr-Egypt


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