YPG marks the liberation of Kobanê: We will free our occupied lands

YPG marks the liberation of Kobanê: We will free our occupied lands

  • Date: January 27, 2023
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Το YPG θυμάται την απελευθέρωση του Κομπάνι: Θα ελευθερώσουμε όλα τα κατεχόμενα εδάφη μας

YPG marks the liberation of Kobanê: We will free our occupied lands

YPG celebrated the anniversary of Kobanê's liberation from ISIS, saying, “We will defend all our regions in the spirit of Kobanê resistance."

The General Command of the People's Defence Unit (YPG)released a written statement to mark the 8th anniversary of the liberation of Kobanê from ISIS.

The YPG statement on Thursday includes the following:

“We are celebrating the 8th anniversary of the liberation of Kobanê. We commemorate all our heroes who fought ISIS with a self-sacrificing spirit and international responsibility and fell as martyrs. We congratulate Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, the peoples of Kobanê, Kurdistan and the world on this historic victory.

Kobanê, the city where the revolution first sparked, is known for its patriotism and courage. The city has been subjected to many violent attacks since the first years of the Rojava Revolution. The largest and most serious attack took place on September 15, 2014. Backed by the invading Turkish state, ISIS targeted Kobanê to avenge their defeat in Shengal and to put out the revolutionary sparkle.


The attack on Kobanê took place at a time when all countries from Iraq to Syria and all over the world remained desperate against ISIS brutality. ISIS carried out massacres and genocides in any city it captured, posing a major threat to the whole world.  The group was met with the historic resistance of YPJ-YPG fighters and the people of Kobanê. Just as ISIS surrounded Kobanê from four sides, the people of North Kurdistan supported the resistance in Kobanê. Young men and women from Bakur, Rojhilat and Bashur Kurdistan (Turkey, Iran and Iraq) also supported the resistance.


An outstanding resistance was put up in every street of Kobanê. This resistance led to world-wide demonstrations. Hundreds of internationalist youths joined the Rojava Revolution. In other words, the Kobanê resistance became a bridge between the oppressed peoples of the Middle East and the world and brought a universal spirit to light. This was the spirit of the revolutionary people's war in Kobanê. Thus, the historic defeat of ISIS began.

Undoubtedly, this historic victory was won with the efforts, sacrifice and heroism of our martyred comrades and injured people like Rêvan Rojava, Arîn and Gelhat. We are all grateful for these precious sacred efforts.

The entire region of North and East Syria, especially Kobanê, is facing the same danger today. The invading Turkish state is preparing for a possible ground operation, carrying out air strikes as a result of its alliances with regional and international powers. Since November 19, 2022, our regions have been facing a new wave of attacks. The current attacks may lead to a resurgence of ISIS. The attack carried out in Raqqa at the beginning of the year marked the beginning of ISIS attempts to launch new attacks and massacres. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched new operations to countervail the attacks.

As the YPG, we will liberate our occupied lands, just as we paid a heavy price for the freedom of Kobanê. We will defend all our regions in the spirit of Kobanê resistance. On this basis, every patriotic, ecologist, revolutionary and pro-freedom individual of our people should be responsive to such attacks and adopt a stand.

We once again celebrate the anniversary of the historic liberation of Kobanê for our people and all humanity. We will undoubtedly bring the resistance to victory by fighting for a free future and a lasting peace.”


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