Young people protest the closure case against HDP

Young people protest the closure case against HDP

  • Date: August 31, 2021
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Νέοι διαμαρτύρονται για την δικαστική υπόθεση κλεισίματος του φιλοκουρδικού κόμματος HDP στην Τουρκία

Young people protest the closure case against HDP

Young people were protesting the closure case against HDP and said they won’t allow it.

Four youth organizations - Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), New Democrat Youth, Leverage, Youth Communes, and Bosphorus Solidarity - protested the closure case against HDP in front of Kadıköy Süreyya Opera. HDP MPs Züleyha Gülüm and Dersim Dağ attended the action that took place under heavy police presence.

Arda Yüksel read the statement on behalf of the youth organizations. Reminding that the HDP broke the threshold in the 7 June 2015 elections, and therefore all the calculations made by the state were spoiled, Yüksel added that the government imposed the presidential system and resorted to repression as it was not able to address its own crisis.

Yüksel said that the government is trying to rule all over the country with trustees and added that, in fact, trustees have been appointed from HDP municipalities to universities.

Yüksel also underlined that Deniz Poyraz was killed in the attack against the HDP provincial building in Izmir and a Kurdish family of 7 people was killed in Konya as a result of war policies against the Kurdish people.

Yüksel pointed out that the government is now trying to close the HDP, the 3rd largest party in the country. “Together with all those who defend the right of the HDP to do politics, we will increase the struggle against this system and we won’t leave the HDP to be closed down!”


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