YJA Star: It’s time for freedom

YJA Star: It’s time for freedom

  • Date: March 10, 2021
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YJA Star: It's time for freedom

“Women's struggles are making a crucial contribution all over the world,” said women guerrillas in YJA-Star saluting all women fighting on 8 March.

The women guerrillas, YJA-Star, issued a message to mark 8 March, International Women's Day. “We are witnessing a process in which women say 'stop' to all regimes that impose fascism and slavery on them. Women's struggles and the women's paradigm all over the world make a crucial contribute to a historic moment. Women's calls for freedom have spread across the world.”

Every day has to be women's day

The statement added: “As we prepare for 8 March as a YJA star, we salute Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], who said: ‘Every day must be women's day' and in this sense we fight against fascism, torture and the pressure that patriarchy has imposed on women, as well as against slavery and violence of the state. We defend ourselves and resist.

Thanks to Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg and all women fallen

We remember with gratitude Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg, for their legacy to the women of the world today and who paid a high price in the women's struggle. As a women's movement, we remember our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for a free society. We renew our promise to pursue and make your dreams come true.”

The statement continued: “The guerrilla fighters of the YJA-Star led the Cenga-Heftanîn offensive against the Turkish army with great determination in 2020.

The resistance of the guerrillas against the occupation operation of the fascist and misogynistic Turkish army in the region of Gare was carried out with great determination and never spared sacrifices. This selflessness and the successful restructuring of the guerrillas have brought the AKP / MHP regime to the verge of collapse.”

Self-defense only answer to femicides

The statement also said: “As the struggle of women increases, so too does torture and rape by the enemy. In Kurdistan in particular, it is obvious that rapes by the state and femicides by the patriarchy can only be answered with self-defense. We are ready to pay any price to keep our promise to our martyrs.

Fascism tries to weaken society by attacking women. The answer to this is organizing and empowering women. As YJA stars, we see it as our basic mission to be the vanguard of the struggle of women united for freedom. With this in mind, we take part in the campaign of the Kurdistan Women’s Community (KJK) ‘Time to defend women and society against femicide'.

President Ocalan defined the liberation of women as an indispensable condition for the liberation of society. He rose up against the patriarchal mentality, the reactionary culture and the women-despised system, killed classic masculinity and managed to become a companion for women.

In this sense, we as YJA-Star read 8 March within the frame of the fight for the physical freedom of the leader. This is the time for freedom and liberation.”


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