Turkish journalist critical of Erdoğan brutally attacked in Germany

Turkish journalist critical of Erdoğan brutally attacked in Germany

  • Date: July 11, 2021
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Τούρκος δημοσιογράφος που επικρίνει τον Ερντογάν έγινε θύμα βάρβαρης επίθεσης στη Γερμανία

Turkish journalist critical of Erdoğan brutally attacked in Germany

Erk Acarer, who has written extensively about Turkish state connections to Jihadist gangs and ISIS has been brutally attacked in Berlin by 3 armed men outside his home. Observers have called it a 'direct message' from Turkish president Tayyip Erdoğan.

Journalist Erk Acarer was targeted in a brutal attack by 3 men in the community backyard of his home in Berlin, Wednesday, 7th July. He announced the attack on Twitter and said that after the attack, that included 3 men who were armed with knives and who were beating him, that he didn’t have life-threatening injuries and that he and his family were now under protection.

“I know the perpetrators. I’ll never surrender to fascism. Nobody should be worried. These days will pass.” he wrote.

Acarer is known in Turkey for his criticisms of the government and his articles regarding Turkey’s involvement in the war in Syria including Erdogan’s alleged relationships with Jihadist gangs and ISIS reports MA

Having had multiple arrest warrants issued against him, for his journalistic work, Acarer moved to Germany and has been living there since mid 2017.

Acarer also published a video message on his Twitter account and stated that he and his family are now under protection.

“This attack is proof that everything we wrote and said against and about the Islamist, fascist AKP-MHP government is true. I was attacked by three armed people in the community courtyard of the building where I live.”

“One of the attackers was shouting, “You will stop writing, man.” During the incident, the attackers decided not to use the weapons they had because of the number of witnesses that increased in courtyard during the attack.” he said.

Acarer thanked his supporters and stated that he will continue to ask for and speak up for justice despite everything and he will not remain silent after the attack.

Turkish Journalist Can Dündar, who is also living in Germany, reportedly said that the attack against Acarer was a “direct message” from Erdogan that “dissident journalists can even be attacked in Berlin.”