Turkish bombing destroys mosque in northern Syria

Turkish bombing destroys mosque in northern Syria

  • Date: October 11, 2022
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Τουρκικοί βομβαρδισμοί καταστρέφουν τέμενος στη βόρεια Συρία

Turkish bombing destroys mosque in northern Syria

Turkish forces have been attacking villages around Ayn Issa (Eyn Isa) and Tell Abyad (Girê Spî) intensively since yesterday, Hawar News Agency reported.

It is the 3rd anniversary of Turkey’s incursions into Ras al-Ayn (Serêkaniyê) and Tell Abyad, and Turkey has bombarded over 25 villages since yesterday afternoon.

The villages of Jedîda, Mishêrfê, Seramid, Fatsa, Hiwêca, Um Beramîl, Xazilî, Zenûbiya and Xirbet Beqer and an area surrounding the Kobanê cement company have been attacked by Turkish-backed forces, with the arterial M4 highway being one of the main targets.

Power has been cut off in the district capital of Ayn Issa after the town’s electricity cables were hit, homes and property have been damaged throughout the region, and a part of the village mosque has been destroyed in the village of Fatsa.

Simultaneous with the attacks against Ayn Issa, 19 rounds of heavy artillery were fired at Bozkîc and Ewn Dadat villages in the north of Manbij, and the village of Kawkilî, west of Bab, was bombed with howitzers.

Since August 2022, Turkey has launched more than 400 drone attacks against Tell Abyad and Ayn Issa.

Nearly 250 European and Syrian signatories released a joint statement in June saying that Turkish attacks against Syria risk increasing global terrorism.