TJA: Organized struggle brings freedom

TJA: Organized struggle brings freedom

  • Date: September 1, 2021
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Κίνημα Ελεύθερων Γυναικών: Ο οργανωμένος αγώνας φέρνει την ελευθερία

TJA: Organized struggle brings freedom

The Free Women's Movement issued a written statement to mark September 1 International Day of Peace and vowed to fight isolation, war, racism and sexism.

The Free Women's Movement (Tevgera Jinên Azad, TJA) released a written statement to mark September 1 International Day of Peace.

“War is not only blood... War destroys identity... War consumes nature... War makes children starve... War murders and exploits women... War is the oldest weapon in history that seeks to annihilate the dignity of peoples,” the statement said.

“Under the leadership of the Kurdistan woman, our people pay a great price to expose this oldest and most barbaric weapon in history, which is promoted by the sovereign male mentality,” it added.


“Women's aspiration for peace is the main way to protect the dignity of life in an environment of war that is escalating with each passing day. If the sovereign men’s army has bloody weapons in their hands, women have the most sacred touch of life to cling to hope for peace...

Therefore, the strongest outcry against isolation, war, racism and sexism can be found in women's demand for peace...

We, women, are the biggest victims of the war and we are taking to the streets to organize the greatest resistance. We know that our demand for a free life will come true through our organized power, and we claim our identity through aspiration for an honourable peace.”


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