Syrian Kurds demand no-fly zone against Turkish attacks

Syrian Kurds demand no-fly zone against Turkish attacks

  • Date: December 9, 2022
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Οι Κούρδοι της Συρίας απαιτούν ζώνη απαγόρευσης πτήσεων κατά των τουρκικών επιθέσεων

Syrian Kurds demand no-fly zone against Turkish attacks

Syrian Kurds launch a campaign demanding a no-fly zone against Turkey's military operations and the destruction of civilian infrastructure in north and east Syria.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) is calling for a no-fly zone over the region against Turkey’s ongoing attacks.

Turkey seeks to occupy more territory in Syria, Hawar News Agency cited AANES Spokesman Luqman Ahmi as saying.

Ahmi said Turkey was undermining the democratic project built in the region by people “who sacrificed their lives for the stability of the region”, and uses internationally banned weapons.

AANES is calling for all friends and allies of the region to support the campaign that will be launched on 10 December, to stop Turkey’s “war machine” and prevent further massacres and war crimes.

Turkey’s airstrikes have gone as deep as 80 km into Syrian territory, as seen in al Hol camp being hit by drones. ISIS members used Turkey’s attacks as cover to make a break for it, but despite the damage the camp suffered, Syrian security forces managed to recapture them after. Al Hol currently hosts some 50,000 ISIS affiliates and family members.

The latest bout of drone strikes started on 19 November, as an apparent response to a bomb in Istanbul.

Syrian groups deny all involvement with the 13 November explosion, with several Kurdish groups accusing Turkey of manufacturing an excuse to invade Syrian territory further.