SDF Commander: Turkish military deployment to Syria continues

SDF Commander: Turkish military deployment to Syria continues

  • Date: June 9, 2021
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Διοικήτρια SDF: Η τουρκική στρατιωτική ανάπτυξη στη Συρία συνεχίζεται

SDF Commander: Turkish military deployment to Syria continues

Militan Çiya, one of the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said that Turkish state's military activity has increased in Ain Issa.

The Turkish state continues to build military bases and reinforce concrete walls to cut off the north of the M4 highway from Syria. Last November the Turkish army built 5 bases in the villages of Xalidiyê, Mielek, Hoşan, Mişêrfê and Seyda in the vicinity of Ain Issa. All of these bases are located near the M4 highway.

ANHA interviewed SDF commander Militan Çiya about the latest situation in Ain Issa and the policies towards civilians in the occupied areas.

Çiya stated that the Turkish state has expanded its occupation area by 35 km after occupying Girê Spî as the attacks on the M4 highway and its surroundings have been continuing for a long time. Çiya said that the Turkish state does not comply with the ceasefire agreements and the SDF displays heroic resistance against the attacks.

“Crimes against civilians are committed in the region. However, the resistance spirit of our forces empowered the local people to enhance their resistance against the invaders,” she said.

For the last two months, the Turkish state and its mercenaries have ceased their attacks with heavy weapons on Ain Issa. 5 months ago, there were frequent attacks on Ain Issa and its villages and reconnaissance planes were constantly flying.

“The Turkish state was targeting civilian settlements. Simultaneous attacks were carried out against our forces. The mercenaries have built bases and concrete blocks in the urban centres they occupied. Ditches were dug in many neighbourhoods. The attacks of the mercenaries may have stopped, but a profound activity continues in the region,” she noted.

Çiya drew attention to the large bases in Kor Hesen, Qizeli and Xaniya villages, “When we look at the preparations of the Turkish state, we can say that a major attack will be launched. Moreover, it creates new borders in Syria with the reinforced concrete blocks it has built. Internationally banned arms are deployed to the region. The bases are equipped with camera systems, radars and drones,” she noted.


“There have been rampant harassment and rape cases against women in Girê Spî. Men, on the other hand, are often killed for their property. Many people have been forced to migrate. The mercenaries, who could not share the confiscated property of the displaced persons, engaged in conflict with each other several times. The mercenaries also put the people under psychological pressure using heavy weapons.”

“Despite all kinds of pressure, the people of Girê Spi do not compromise. They always voice their reaction to the mercenaries. The local people do not accept forced migration policies. We know about our people’s demand to return home. We will do our best to answer their demand. As long as our people support us, we will remove all the invaders from our lands. We have already pushed back all the attacks against the villages of Ain Issa and Girê Spi and we will continue our struggle until we eliminate the mercenaries,” she concluded.


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