Reconnaissance flights over Kobanê

Reconnaissance flights over Kobanê

Τουρκικές αναγνωριστικές πτήσεις πάνω από το Κομπάνι

Reconnaissance flights over Kobanê

Turkish reconnaissance drones are circling over the canton of Kobanê in Rojava. At the end of January, a house in the region was bombed by Turkish drones.

Since early afternoon, Turkish army reconnaissance drones have been circling over the canton of Kobanê in Rojava. Hawar news agency (ANHA) reported on Saturday that the reconnaissance flights are concentrated on the village of Şêxler about thirty kilometers west of the canton. Surrounding villages have also been repeatedly overflown for hours, the report said.

Turkey has been conducting increasingly frequent reconnaissance flights over Kobanê since the beginning of the year. Drones are used, which not infrequently also shoot.

At the end of January, there was a drone attack in the south of the canton that almost ended fatally. A man was injured in the bombing of a house in the village of Memit. A few weeks ago, a Turkish kamikaze drone crashed in Kobanê. The device had been on an attack flight when it suffered a total loss. In June of last year, three Kurdish women were killed in a Turkish drone attack on Kobanê.


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