Nationalist mob attacks Syrian refugees in Ankara

Nationalist mob attacks Syrian refugees in Ankara

  • Date: August 15, 2021
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Επίθεση όχλου εθνικιστών σε Σύριους πρόσφυγες στην Άγκυρα που θύμισε τα «Σεπτεμβριανά»

Nationalist mob attacks Syrian refugees in Ankara

A nationalist mob has roamed residential areas in the Turkish capital Ankara and attacked the homes and businesses of Syrian refugees. Cars were set on fire and shops ransacked while police did not intervene.

A nationalist mob in the Turkish capital Ankara roamed the Altındağ district on Wednesday evening, leaving a trail of devastation and terror. About a thousand people marched through the neighbourhoods of Battalgazi, Önder and Çamlık shouting insults. Some people were armed with clubs and other objects, and attacked the homes, shops and cars of Syrian refugees. The windows of several shops were smashed and looted, the inventory was destroyed and some were set on fire. Several cars were also set on fire and destroyed. Stones were thrown against residential buildings, and at least one child was injured.

Police: "We support you"

The police did not intervene, but escorted the lynch mob, which included women, and shouted to the mob over the loudspeaker: "We are always there to support you." The mob was able to spread fear and terror for hours. Police only intervened later in the evening. Shortly afterwards, the city cleaning department moved in to clean up.

According to Turkish media reports, this violence was preceded by a knife fight the day before. A Syrian refugee was suspected to have stabbed an 18-year-old Turk and injured another on Tuesday evening after a dispute. It is unclear why the dispute broke out. But immediately after the incident, an aggressive mob attacked Syrian houses and businesses in Altındağ. Police intervened with water cannons and drove the crowd away. Several Syrian families were evacuated from the neighbourhood that night for their own protection.


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